Neil Sandilands

Neil Sandilands and Tracey-Lee Oliver released the music video for ‘Desert Rose’. Image via Facebook Neil Sandilands

‘Desert Rose’: Neil Sandilands and Tracey-Lee Oliver release heartfelt duet

Neil Sandilands’ track, ‘Desert Rose’ is featured on his SAMA-nominated album, ‘Sangoma Sandilands & Jou Pa se Posse Maanskyn’.

Neil Sandilands

Neil Sandilands and Tracey-Lee Oliver released the music video for ‘Desert Rose’. Image via Facebook Neil Sandilands

Neil Sandilands, best known for his roles in 7 De Laan and The Flash, is one of Mansi’s top actors. The multi-talented star released his new music video for Desert Rose featuring Tracey-Lee Oliver on Wednesday 20 July, which forms part of the television series of the same name. The track is from Sandilands’ South African Music Award (SAMA) nominated album, Sangoma Sandilands & Jou Pa se Posse Maanskyn, which was released in May 2021.

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Desert Rose, an eight-part drama series, sees Neil Sandilands taking up the role of Freddie “Fingers” Greyling, a musician and absent father. Apart from playing the lead role in the series, Sandilands also wrote and performed some of the music in Desert Rose

The series is written by Rohan Dickson and directed by Cindy Lee, best known for directing The Girl from St Agnes

Desert Rose tells the story of the disenfranchised and the forgotten in a desert town through the Greyling family. Emotional and rooted in character, it is a love letter to the misfit; to loss, loneliness and eccentricity; to broken relationships and South Africa itself,” reads part of the synopsis as per Channel24

The series officially premiered on M-Net on Thursday 2 June. 



Neil Sandilands released his Desert Rose music video on 20 July. The track is a heartwarming duet with Tracey-Lee Oliver. 

The music video features impeccable shots from the Desert Rose series and beautiful shots of Namaqualand in the Northern Cape, where the series was shot. 

Since its release, the music video has received more than 20 000 YouTube views. 


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The nominees for the 28th annual SAMAs were announced on Tuesday 7 June and Neil Sandilands scored a nomination for his 10-track album, Sangoma Sandilands & Jou Pa se Posse Maanskyn

The album is nominated for Beste Kontemporere Musiek Album alongside Jan Jan Jan, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Jennifer Zamudio and Jodie Kantjies. 

Taking to Instagram to celebrate the nomination, Sandilands wrote: “What a lovely affirmation for a boy who didn’t know a thing about  thing in the world of music over than the sheer love thereof for 47 years.”