Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild Sanelly. Image via Twitter @Moonsanelly

Is Moonchild Sanelly’s ‘Covivi’ SA’s pandemic Ke Dezemba tune? [watch]

‘We are tired of being home’: Moonchild Sanelly’s single ‘Covivi’ expresses how we’re all feeling about the pandemic vs festivities.

Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild Sanelly. Image via Twitter @Moonsanelly

Moonchild Sanelly’s amapiano track Covivi featuring Theology HD pretty much sums up how we’ve all been feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic since it began in March 2020. From the mask-wearing to the constant sanitising, Moonchild Sanelly has had enough of it as well! 

Needless to say, Covivi is The South African’s pick for our country’s “pandemic Ke Dezemba” song. 


Moonchild Sanelly is one of the few South African artists whose music is always relevant to what’s happening in the country. With her amapiano single Covivi she narrates what every South African has been going through during the COVID-19 pandemic

From President Cyril Ramaphosa’s family meetings to the alcohol bans features in the song! 

Speaking to Drum about the single, Moonchild Sanelly mentioned that she wants people to laugh at their problems while jamming to her music on the dance floor. 

“I wrote Covivi to basically say that it should disappear because we [are] tired of being home and asikwazu jola (we can’t date anymore) and people want to be happy.”

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Directed and shot by Hanru van Zyl, the Covivi music video sees Moonchild Sanelly doubling as a news presenter and a “groovist” or “a person who loves a good time”. The music video goes from two people jamming to the track to a pool party with Moonchild’s close friends. 

“I am super excited about [the] Covivi visuals dropping because it is literally us having a conversation with the one person/thing that has been blocking us from grooving because we want to save our lives but our bodies want to dance,” she told TshisaLive in November. 



Although we’re still very much in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, that isn’t slowing Moonchild Sanelly down. She mentioned that she is planning a world tour for 2021 and is readying to launch her alcohol brand and a new album. 

“I am also excited for my next business venture that will see people spending their money on my bottles and my music. The flavour is amazing and there are some projects I can’t say yet.”