Sister Bettina

DJ Cleo is set to remix Magrimbe’s legendary hit, ‘Sister Bettina’. Image via Facebook: DJ Cleo

‘SA’s unofficial anthem’: ‘Sister Bethina’ gets amapiano remix

DJ Cleo is set to remix Magrimbe’s legendary hit ‘Sister Bethina’ for his upcoming album, ‘Eskhaleni Street Music Vol. 1’.

Sister Bettina

DJ Cleo is set to remix Magrimbe’s legendary hit, ‘Sister Bettina’. Image via Facebook: DJ Cleo

Sister Bethina, a song by local musician Magrimbe, was released in 2005 and became an instant hit. The track, dubbed “South Africa’s unofficial national anthem”, is getting an amapiano remix. Speaking to Daily Sun, Magrimbe shared that DJ Cleo will make a remix his upcoming album Eskhaleni Street Music Vol. 1.

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According to News24, Veteran muso Magrimbe teamed up with his friend and producer Jabu Mgeni on Sister Bethina. The song samples R&B star Aaliyah’s classic 2000 hit, Try Again. Magrimbe and Jabu recorded the song during a performance at a Johannesburg bar. 

Magrimbe pleaded with Jabu to delete the song but that never happened. Instead, the song became one of the biggest hits in South Africa. 

“The track spread through Explosion one of Durban’s biggest annual music events. They were giving CDs of it and people started playing it in the taxis,” said music writer Sihle Mthembu. 



Magrimbe told Daily Sun that he “trusts” DJ Cleo with the amapiano remix of his hit single, Sister Bethina. He added that DJ Cleo was one of the many artists who requested to make a remix of the single. 

“I refused to give those artists rights to remix my song because it is precious to me; it introduced me to the industry. For me, it’s the country’s second national anthem. So, I can’t give it to anyone to remix,” he explained. 

“I don’t want it to be messed up, which is why I refused. But I couldn’t say no to Cleo because I know that he is responsible, judging from the music he was been making.” 

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As per his Instagram page, DJ Cleo’s new album is titled Eskhaleni Street Music Vol. 1. The album will feature “new talent” only and is set to be released on 21 October.