Kehlani has spoken out after an incident of sexual assault during one of her shows. Image: Twitter @kehlani.

Toxic behaviour: R&B singer Kehlani speaks out about groping fan

Singer Kehlani has been the victim of a out-of-line fan pulling down her underwear during one of her concerts.


Kehlani has spoken out after an incident of sexual assault during one of her shows. Image: Twitter @kehlani.

Rhythm & blues sensation Kehlani Ashley Parrish is the latest artist to have reportedly been sexually assaulted by a fan at a concert. 

The singing sensation who gave us Toxic, took to her Instagram on 12 December to share her frustration over an alleged sexual assault incident that she experienced while wrapping up the European stretch of her Blue Water Road Trip Tour. During the show, the fan pulled down her underwear to try and touch her genitals.  

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She explained in the post that she took some videos but later deleted them because she doesn’t want to share a video of her angry, triggered, and upset. 


“I don’t care how sexual you deem my music, my performances, my fun with my friends dancing at clubs, or ME… That does not give any of you the right to cross a boundary like sticking your hands up my skirt & pulling my underwear to TOUCH MY GENITALS as I am being escorted through a crowd after performing. This s— made me sick to my stomach. As a victim of sexual assault, I am endlessly triggered and mind blown,” she shared on her Instagram story.

Following fan support on social media, the star shared a video explaining the reason why she shared that information and that she is not going to entertain the negative comments.

“I did not state what happened for any sort of press. I put it out there so I can set proper boundaries with my audience, with my fan base, to people who are gonna see me out, or come to a concert. I set that boundary to know how to please just respect me as a human, me as individual…

“I hate that it became such a thing but also understand is such a serious thing and i put it out there and people are trying to support me and get the word out. I have no comments for the negative comments that I’ve accumulated,” she said.

Billboard — in an article dated 2017 — mentions that Kehlani has been a victim of sexual abuse and has been outspoken against sexual abuse and assault through movements such as the #MeToo movement.