Jimmy Nevis, Things We Don't Talk About, album

Jimmy Nevis is back and ready to be his true self. Image: Supplied.

Jimmy Nevis on being licked on stage and his upcoming tour

Jimmy Nevis is back and more himself than ever. He talks about being licked on stage, his quest for ‘authenticity,’ and his upcoming tour.

Jimmy Nevis, Things We Don't Talk About, album

Jimmy Nevis is back and ready to be his true self. Image: Supplied.

For Pop and R&B singer Jimmy Nevis, 2023 is a big year.

And with songs like “F.B.A” and his newly released album, “Things We Don’t Talk About,” he is causing quite a stir.

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After five long years, Jimmy Nevis has finally dropped a brand new album, and fans are so here for it.

“Authenticity” and “introspection” are his new mantras, and it’s Jimmy Nevis like you’ve never heard him before.

“For me, it’s all about authenticity, honesty, and creating space for a new conversation,” the singer says in an interview with TheSouthafrican.com.

“Blatant honesty is worthy, and there is space for it in this world,” he adds.

Nevis, who has been in the industry for ten years, says he feels like he is starting all over again with his new album. He is a brand new artist and as himself as can be.

“When you look within yourself, it’s like a never-ending well of inspiration. There is always something to learn and to discover about yourself,” he said.

Jimmy Nevis, F.B.A, Things We Don't Talk About, new album, single.
Jimmy Nevis’ brand new album, ‘Things We Don’t Talk About’. Image: Supplied.


Some of the songs he’s written on the “Things We Don’t Talk About” are very vulnerable. It’s Jimmy Nevis, as you’ve never heard him before.

He’s even planned the album’s roll-out to encourage people to create the necessary space for what is important and not shy away from sensitive topics.

“I want fans to be comfortable to share their truth at my shows. Be sensitive,” Nevis says.

“Take time to have that honest conversation with yourself and don’t just say I’ll go to therapy in three months,” he adds.

In today’s busy life, it is easy to sweep something under the rug and only do something about a situation once someone really doesn’t fall in line.

“Take dating for example. Relationships these days don’t last that long. People are so busy with the idea of themselves – they don’t really know what they want,” Nevis says.

With the album, he wants to put the spotlight on topics like mental health, culture and sexuality – all things people don’t usually like to talk about.

“People are people-pleasers and we are not actually sharing how we feel; we only end up botting up all these things,” the singer says.


Nevis has come a long way since he dropped off copies of his first song, “Elephant Shoes,” as a 19-year-old at radio stations in Cape Town, hoping for his big break. After just two weeks of promoting himself, his music did the talking and he got some airplay.

“When I think back to it now, it’s just insane. How did we even manage to do that? Faking it until you make it,” he laughs.

Ten years later, he has learned to let go of perfection and have fun with his music.

But that doesn’t mean the odd thing doesn’t happen on stage.

“I’ve been licked. I’ve been groped. There was even this one time when I was performing on a very high stage. It had these massive LED screens below the stage and I dropped my mic off the stage. Someone had to pick it up and bring it to me in the middle of my set at a festival. All I could do was smile, wave and laugh,” Nevis laughs.

For now, Nevis is focused on promoting his new album and planning his country-wide tour.

“We’re not only bringing the tour to Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. We’re also going to smaller areas in-land. It’s been a while since I’ve been out there, but keep an eye out on my social media for announcements,” Nevis says.

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