How can you use a Spotify QR Code to promote your audio on Spotify?

How can you use a Spotify QR Code to promote your audio on Spotify? Image credit: Supplied

How can you use a Spotify QR Code to promote your audio on Spotify?

(Partner Content) With over 70 million audio tracks available on Spotify’s audio streaming platform today, the chances of your audio being regarded by your audience are slim.

How can you use a Spotify QR Code to promote your audio on Spotify?

How can you use a Spotify QR Code to promote your audio on Spotify? Image credit: Supplied

As a result, many audio makers are experimenting with new marketing strategies in order to boost their audio promotion.

Because including a Spotify link in a print marketing piece may turn off many potential listeners, many audio creators are using near-field technology like QR codes to insert their Spotify URL. As a result, a Spotify QR code was developed and seamlessly integrated in their audio marketing means.

How can Spotify QR codes help you market your Spotify Audio?

Here are three simple ways on how audio marketers can market their Spotify audio and boost their listening numbers offline and online. 

1. Print them out and distribute them in your print marketing means.

Nothing compares to the impact of traditional media like the print one. This system is also excellent for gaining more Spotify listeners and followers offline, as more people get new information from print media. Including a QR code in your printed materials increases the chance to increase your fandom with the offline communities.

2. Make a mention of it in your social media posts.

You can also use social media to promote your Spotify content by posting it. Because the majority of new audio creators are found through social networking sites, this is your chance to make your audio become a massive success on Spotify. By integrating an advanced QR code generator online, you can easily create smooth app transition for users from social media to Spotify. 

3. Have them with your merchandise and wearable.

You can also add your QR code in your wearable and shirt sales and have people scan it to pique people’s interest in it. While flaunting your OOTDs, you can easily market your music or podcast from Spotify QR code integrated outfit design. 

How to make a Spotify QR code?

With the following audio marketing ways to promote your Spotify audio, you will then need to create a QR code to make these marketing strategies a reality. 

1. Copy the Spotify audio URL.

On your mobile device, search for the song, select the album thumbnail, tap the three vertical dots, and click the share segment. Tap the copy link icon in the share segment.

If you’re using the Spotify desktop app, search for the audio, right-click on the graphic, go to the share segment, and copy the audio link.

2. Create your QR code using the best QR code generator with logo software.

Now that you have your Spotify song link, you can create your QR code by using a trusted QR code generator software. You can now customize your QR code layout by choosing from a variety of patterns, eye shapes, and colors. 

Because this is such an important stage, assessing your QR code before advertising it is essential to catch any scan inconsistencies.

3. Download your Spotify QR code and place it in promotional spaces.

After you’ve finished creating your QR code, you can download it and use it in your marketing materials. If you plan to use the code in print media, try to download it in SVG format is highly suggested because it preserves the code’s efficiency even when resized.


Small-scale audio content creators can benefit from the use of Spotify QR codes to promote their work on Spotify. Because they can be put in a variety of locations, audio creators can easily increase their audience and followers.

Also with the use of a QR code generator online, they can use QR codes to revitalise their audio marketing efforts on Spotify.