Legendary rapper Coolio passed away at 57 years old. Image via Twitter @PopBase

RIP Coolio: 5 hip-hop bangers by the legendary rapper [watch]

‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, ‘Fantastic Voyage’ and more: Here are five of legendary rapper Coolio’s best tracks. Have a listen…


Legendary rapper Coolio passed away at 57 years old. Image via Twitter @PopBase

Legendary rapper Coolio passed away on Wednesday 28 September in Los Angeles at 59 years old. The rapper’s talent manager, Sheila Finegan, confirmed his death to TMZ. Coolio was suspected to have suffered cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead on the scene. 

Here are five of Coolio’s greatest hits to remember him by. 

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Gangsta’s Paradise is one of Coolio’s most popular songs. The track features in the popular Dangerous Minds film starring Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer. According to Classic Rock History, the track samples Stevie Wonder’s Pastime Paradise


Coolio’s hip-hop banger Fantastic Voyage is from his 1994 album, It Takes a Thief. The track was nominated for Best Rap Solo Performance at the 1995 Grammy Awards. The track was also nominated for Best Rap Video at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

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Over the years, Coolio collaborated with several veteran rappers and Snoop Dogg was one of them. Their track, Gangsta Walk, features a hook from Gangsta Lou. The track is on Coolio’s iconic album, The Return of the Gangsta, released in 2006. The album was officially launched in Milan, Italy. 


Cruisin’ is one of those laid back R&B/hip-hop collaborations. The track features a sample from the legendary Smokey Robinson’s song of the same name. The track is one of Coolio’s attempts at a romantic single.

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5. ‘OOH LA LA’

Ooh La La is an upbeat hip-hop track which was the second single on Coolio’s 1997 album, My Soul. Although it was not one of the rapper’s most popular songs, it was certainly one of his most experimental songs. The track grew popular in New Zealand and was certified Gold.