Charlie Puth

A screenshot from Charlie Puth’s music video ‘Loser’. Image: Twitter @charlieputh

Truth be told: Charlie Puth bares all on new album

‘You can’t lie and write a song’: Singing sensation Charlie Puth gets real on his third album, simply titled, ‘Charlie’.

Charlie Puth

A screenshot from Charlie Puth’s music video ‘Loser’. Image: Twitter @charlieputh

It seems like yesterday when a 23-year-old singer-songwriter Charlie Puth was belting out his tribute anthem to the fallen Fast and Furious actor Chris Walker, When I See You Again. Puth, now 31, has returned with his third album, Charlie — telling nothing but the truth. 

The album features the People’s Choice collaboration song of 2022, Left And Right, featuring Jung Kook of BTS. While this might be Puth’s third album, the Marvin Gaye singer says it feels like it is his first.

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“You can’t lie and write a song. I’ll be telling the truth from here on out. Sometimes to my detriment, but at least it’ll be the truth,” he said. 


The much anticipated album was supposed to be released in 2020 following the success of his previous two albums which produced chart bangers such as We Don’t Talk Anymore and Attention. The singer however decided to scrap the whole project because the music “didn’t feel real”.

Speaking to CBS News, Puth cited how his encounter at a restaurant in West Hollywood with legendary singer Elton John re-assured him that he must scrap the album.

Elton John, who had heard an early version of the album, asked to see Puth and gave his album a bad review. According to Puth, this actually confirmed what he was thinking 10 minutes prior to their conversation. 


His When I See You Again mega hit put a lot of pressure on Puth which consequently led to some serious self-introspection.

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“We had the biggest song in the world. I had to put an album out. It was rushed. And we had songwriters who didn’t know me or even talk to me half the time, put records together for me. It sounded fine, but the message on those songs meant nothing to me,” he said. 

During his two-year break he turned to TikTok to teach and produce music for other artists. He also co-wrote Stay with Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber before he started writing for Charlie again.

Charlie is available on streaming platforms.