SK Khoza

‘The Queen’ star SK Khoza. Image via @skcoza/Instagram

‘The Queen’ star SK Khoza releases song ‘Hubbly and Alcohol’ 

Afro-pop artist LulamaK says he saw it fit to do a collaboration with ‘The Queen’ actor SK Khoza for the song ‘Hubbly and Alcohol’.

SK Khoza

‘The Queen’ star SK Khoza. Image via @skcoza/Instagram

Controversial actor Sithembiso “SK” Khoza, who is known for playing Shaka in The Queen has joined forces with LulamaK for the release of a song titled Hubbly and Alcohol.  

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The afro-pop artist LulamaK from Eastern Cape tells Sunday World that he saw it fit to do a collaboration with The Queen actor SK Khoza for this song Hubbly and Alcohol because of the actor’s platforms.  

LulamaK adds that they want to warn everyone about the dangers that come with the abuse of alcohol and smoking.  

“I know the excitement that comes with being home with your siblings during this time as a student and how young people, especially women, are likely to fall victim to GBV [gender-based violence] this month,” he said.  

“I decided to release only this one song because I felt that the EP was not ready, as there were songs I am not so happy about because I respect my craft.”  

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According to Sunday World, The Queen actor SK Khoza had a tough year as he made headlines for being involved in street fights and went through a dark phase.   

The musician LulamaK also tells the publication that he found a brother in the actor and that he was on the verge of depression.   

“I was on a verge of depression and it was during that time that I became very close to Sthembiso Khoza has now become more than a friend but a brother. We felt that we had a lot in common and this grew our brotherhood.”  

“I feel like he was God-sent. I needed someone supportive, selfless, and genuine and he is exactly that. What inspires me the most about him is his work ethic, love for his craft, and love for his family. These happen to be my core values too,” he said. 

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