Big Nuz Danger Mampintsha Bhar

A former Big Nuz member Bhar has offered to be a part of Big Nuz. images via Instagram: @bignuzsa

One of Big Nuz’s founding members comes to Danger’s rescue

Fans have been wondering what will happen to Kwaito group Big Nuz now that Mampintsha has passed on, a founding member has offered to help.

Big Nuz Danger Mampintsha Bhar

A former Big Nuz member Bhar has offered to be a part of Big Nuz. images via Instagram: @bignuzsa

Kwaito legend Sfiso “Bhar” Mshengu has offered to help carry on the legacy of Mampintsha and Danger’s Kwaito group Big Nuz. This comes after Mampintsha passed on after suffering a minor stroke.

According to Daily Sun, Bhar is one of the founding members of Big Nuz but he decided go solo even before the group could take off and win the numerous awards that they eventually won.

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Bhar revealed to the publication that he was in the group in 1998 when they were still based in Johannesburg but he soon left them to focus on his solo projects.

“I’m one of the founders. People don’t know that because I left the group early to focus on my solo projects. I was in the group in 1998 when it was still based in Joburg. The sudden death of Mampintsha was very heart-breaking because I knew him as a brother. That’s why I’m more than willing to help Danger with the group’s project as he is left alone,” said Bhar.

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The original Big Nuz members during the early days. Image via Twitter @avuyile_av

The performer also revealed that he had met up with the surviving member of Big Nuz Mzi Tshomela professionally known as Danger to discuss how the group can move forward without Mampintsha.

“My hands are open. We are still going to meet to make a decision,” he said.

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When Danger was contacted, he said he was not ready to say anything to the public but may speak out after some time.

Mampintsha’s wife, Babes Wodumo has however taken over Mampintsha’s social media accounts and has been sharing a variety of things. Her mother-in-law also succumbed to her illness on Sunday 15 January. Funeral details have not been communicated.

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