Queer Britain

Queer Britain is the UK’s first-ever LGBTQI+ musuem. Image via Getty Images

Queer Britain: Inside the UK’s first-ever LGBTQI+ museum [watch]

The UK’s first-ever LGBTQI+ museum, Queer Britain, is set to open in a few months and will be free for anyone to visit.

Queer Britain

Queer Britain is the UK’s first-ever LGBTQI+ musuem. Image via Getty Images

Queer Britain, the United Kingdom’s first-ever LGBTQI+ museum, is set to open its doors between March and June this year.  The museum has been in the making for four years and it will soon be ready to welcome its first visitors. Queer Britain will be for everyone to learn more about the LGBTQI+ community. 

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Queer Britain director and co-founder Joseph Galliano said the LGBQI+ communities had been crying out for the museum for decades. 

“I want people to be able to look back so that they can better understand who they are and how we got here and so that together we can all imagine a best of all possible futures – and that is LGBTQI+ people as well as our heterosexual counterparts,” Galliano told Dazed.

Speaking to the publication in 2018, Galliano said the museum’s focus will go beyond gay men. 

“If you think about (Black, Asian and ethnic minority) people, women and trans people’s stories, which were prioritised even less than the men’s stories, then that’s a wealth of untold material.” 


Queer Britain trustee and LGBTQI+ activist Lisa Power said the museum would be a space for everyone. 

“From old lesbian feminist warhorses like me to young queer folk of all genders and ethnicities. Queer Britain aims to tell our many and diverse histories and now we have a home to do that,” Power said in a statement.  

Anjum Mouj, also a trustee at Queer Britain, said the UK is “finally” getting the LGBTQI+ museum it “deserves”. 

The museum will be located in Granary Square in London. 

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The museum will be made up of four galleries, a workshop, an education space and a gift shop. The museum will be fully accessible to anyone who visits with lifts and ramps. Entry inside the museum will always be free.