it is written

Give it to God and rest. Trusting God. Photo: PEXELS/Tara Winstead

IT IS WRITTEN: Do you trust me?

Who can you trust most in this world? Your mom? Your Spouse? Your best friend? Well, there’s someone eternal who’s asking, “do you trust me?”

it is written

Give it to God and rest. Trusting God. Photo: PEXELS/Tara Winstead

For a while now, the same scripture seems to be repeating itself! I love it when that happens because it is as though the Lord is trying to drive a point home.

Isaiah 43:19 “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” 

I find this promise so exciting. You and I are on an adventure ride with the King of Kings. He has great things in store for us if we would just trust Him. I saw a clip from the Aladdin movie the other day. Aladdin rose to the balcony of the Princess on his magic carpet. He held out His hand to invite her aboard and said “Do you trust me?” She asked him to repeat himself and again, he held out his hand saying: “Do you trust me?” 

She put her hand in his firm grasp and said: “Yes, I trust you!” And then she climbed aboard! 


Are you ready to “put your hand in the hand of the one who stilled the water, put your hand in the  hand of the one who calmed the seas?” We have received a powerful invitation from the loving hand of our heavenly Father, asking us to put  our hand in His, and to let go of any ‘false security’ that we have been clinging to. 

Let Him take you on that ‘magic carpet ride adventure’. The Father’s promise through the prophet Isaiah, is that He wants to make a way for you in the  wilderness of life. He wants to bring you streams in the desert – and He can! He is doing a new thing! Perceive it! 

Sit quietly before your Lord and ask Him to show you. Ask Him to remove the veil so that you can  see what this new thing is. The Red Sea only parted when Moses took that first step of faith. Grab hold of your Father’s hand now and step into this promise.  

He is doing a new thing in and through you.


Abba, thank you that I can trust you. I put my hand in yours and say: “Yes, I trust you!”.

Take me on this ‘magic carpet ride adventure’ that you have planned for me I pray.