Zip Zap Circus

Zip Zap Circus is gearing up for their comeback show ‘Moya’. Image via Twitter @zipzapcircus

Zip Zap Circus swings back into live shows with ‘Moya’ [watch]

Zip Zap Circus has transformed their acrobatic film ‘Moya’ into a stage production that will explore gumboot dancing and so much more…

Zip Zap Circus

Zip Zap Circus is gearing up for their comeback show ‘Moya’. Image via Twitter @zipzapcircus

After nearly a year of no in-person events, Zip Zap Circus in Cape Town has returned. The circus is set to host a theatre show titled Moya, which stays true to the award-winning film of the same name released in 2021. 


Zip Zap Circus was co-founded by Brent van Rensburg and Laurence Estève in 1992. Van Rensburg and Estève both have extensive experience in various circus-related disciplines. 

The vibrant circus inspires and empowers young people to pursue their destinies and promotes social cohesion while creating various opportunities for them. 

Over the years, their talented performers have shown off their incredible skills at notable events including former president Nelson Mandela’s 77th birthday in 1995, the Commonwealth Games in Australia in 2006 and the Africa Cup of Nations in 2015. 

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Moya will be Zip Zap Circus’ first show in-person in over a year. The theatre show stays true to the circus’ acrobatic film of the same name released in 2021. The film explores acrobatic work, gumboot dancing, pantsula dancing and traditional circus disciplines. 

“Our professional troupe has been pushing the bounds of contemporary circus to transform the acrobatic art film then made last year into a stage production that will celebrate what makes us different, what makes us one and the resilience to express this in a unique and artistic interpretation,” highlighted Zip Zap.  


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Zip Zap Circus’ comeback show, Moya, will take place every day between Thursday 24 February and Saturday 26 February at 18:00. The event will take place at the Zip Zap Dome in Cape Town’s City Centre.

The show is limited to 200 patrons and features an open bar with wine, beer, soft drinks and canapés on arrival. The open bar is included in the price of the ticket. At the end of the show, patrons will have the opportunity to meet the cast and creators and take photos in the photo booth. 

There will be a lounge setting for those coming in groups and cocktail tables for those coming alone. 

Tickets are available here forR405.