X-Repo-Xolani-Maphanga David Mahlangu

The Xrepo Crew set out to fetch furniture and jojo tanks but they came back with nothing. Images via Instagram: @xolani_maphanga

‘They say I killed her’: ‘X-Repo’ crew comes back empty-handed

Viewers of ‘XRepo’ were left feeling confused after it seemed like X failed to recoup Madala’s assets including Jojo tanks and a car.

X-Repo-Xolani-Maphanga David Mahlangu

The Xrepo Crew set out to fetch furniture and jojo tanks but they came back with nothing. Images via Instagram: @xolani_maphanga

X-Repo‘s latest episode (20 November) saw X fighting for a man, David Mahlangu, who has been stripped off all his things by his in-laws. These things range from a bedroom suite and a dining room suite.

Detailing to X how he got to the situation he finds himself in, he said he stayed with his late wife for 28 years and they never had a child. He found his wife with a child and he helped raise that child.

They stayed in Voosloorus and then she started getting sick resulting in her leg getting amputated. He was then forced to leave his job in the engineering field to tend to her. After his wife got disabled, they had to move back to the rural areas because they were both not working.

He did not know anyone in the village but his wife’s family so they asked them to keep their belongings until they finished building their house. They were taking their things in bits and pieces.

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The old man says in June 2021, his wife passed on while she was on her way to get medication from the local clinic. She was buried and then the time to get their belongings came. The in-laws started protesting when he came to get the bigger things like furniture. He says instead of allowing him to get the rest of his things, they told him he killed their child.

David says when she passed on, they were just about to get a marriage certificate. His wife’s only child is apparently fighting him for the things her mom acquired whilst married to him. y

Xolani Maphanga failed to come back with David’s things. Image via Instagram: @xolani_maphanga

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He wanted X to help get back two Jojo tanks that he borrowed the family, two white bedroom suites, a dining room suite and brown couches, a car, a dining room door, a three-legged pot. He also claims the in-laws also took his wife’s wedding ring and her death certificate.

David also says after his wife passed on, he was not cleansed as per tradition. When the family does a ceremony, he is not allowed to attend because he hasn’t been cleansed. At this point, David was visibly upset and sobbing.

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When the crew arrived at David’s in-laws place, it was a full house. They got ready to take the Jojo tanks but they were in for a surprise. The family was ready. They even mentioned that they are fans of the show, they watch it.

When X asked them to explain why they took David’s things, the mother-in-law said David’s step daughter is the person they should speak to. The person who supposedly bought the car from David was already heated at this point. He threatned to go take out the R21 000 outstanding amount for the car. David had given him the car for R6000. Shocked at this revelation, X asked the family where they had seen a car that cost R6000.

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In the end, David decided to give up the fight and told his in-laws that he was going to give the boy that hhad bought the car from him his R6000 back and take his car.

X and the crew did nothing, They did not repossess any of the Jojo tanks. These were some of the reactions on social media:

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