X-Repo Moja Love Xolani Maphanga

X-Repo’s X was visbily upset on yesterday’s episode of X-Repo. Images via Instagram: @xolani_maphanga

‘Our national treasure’: X-Repo’s X flexes his fighting muscles

A furious X was seen pushing the people that had impounded Tumi’s car illegally. He was no impressed with their stunts.

X-Repo Moja Love Xolani Maphanga

X-Repo’s X was visbily upset on yesterday’s episode of X-Repo. Images via Instagram: @xolani_maphanga

Moja Love’s X-Repo‘s latest episode saw the host of the show X (real name Xolani Maphanga) unashamedly confront a car impounding company.

This was after the company, First Help towed the complainant’s (Tumi) car when she had an accident. The company was allegedly refusing to give back Tumi her car.

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Tumi says she was driving with her kids when she had an accident on 26 July 2022. She called her husband to come to the scene.

“I was ducking a pothole and so was the other car and our tyres collided. Towing cars arrived on the scene and spoke to him [her husband] because I was traumatised.

“Then, the guy from the towing company guy fooled my husband. He told my husband that since we currently do not have insurance, he will deal with all the paperwork of the other party’s insurance so that we can claim from the other person’s insurance as third party.

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Tumi says because it was dark, he was not aware what he was signing. She adds that the person that gave her husband the papers to sign wrote a wrong number plate for the towing car and the name on the paper was not his. It was later revealed that nobody knows who this guy is.

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The Audi SR owner says she knew she had lost her car when she ran into a guy she went to school with who works for the company.

He told her that they don’t have a driver named Thabo and then proceeded to ask if the towing company had stolen her car. The guy then said unfortunately he cannot disclose the person’s name as he works there as well and he’d be in trouble should he.

Her car was then moved into storage where she was later charged 96 00 even though she had no idea her car what being held in storage. Tumi was told by the police officers that they have been trying to help unsuccessfully and there is nothing they can do to help.

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The second X and the crew got out of the car, the security guard ask them where they got permission from to film. X told him they did not need permission to fetch a car that they had impounded illegally.

They then looked for their offices so that valid questions can be asked. X questioned the owner of the place why they don’t acknowledge Tumi’s court order every time she comes to get her car.

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As expected, the owner was acting confused. Tumi then explained that she once came there to get her car and car keys but nobody attended to her needs.

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X then started asking if their business was registered before proceeding to go where the car was parked. They found the car with punched tyres and the battery removed. After they loaded the car into the truck, a worker closed the gate to stop them from leaving. He demanded to know why they were closing the gate. A fight almost ensued, X was visibly annoyed and pissed.

He said that he was not going to let people rob people their properties, ‘not in my presence. Not on my watch,” he said.

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