Montez Ford

WWE’s Montez Ford. Image: Supplied

A year of Street Profits: Exclusive interview with WWE’s Montez Ford

The WWE star chats to The South African about the title reign, cinematic matches and the GIANT experience.

Montez Ford

WWE’s Montez Ford. Image: Supplied

A year ago, a bright and energetic tag team debuted on Monday Night Raw. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins arrived from NXT with loads of potential and delivered endless entertainment in their first couple of months on the A-show.

The South African caught up with Ford to discuss the success behind the past 12 months.

‘Backlash’, Vikings, nominations and gaming

At the recent Backlash event the tag team were involved in an entertaining cinematic match with the Viking Raiders where the two teams took on some ninjas. The match has since been nominated for an award on WWE talk show The Bump.

Montez, who was a track star in his youth, shared his excitement at this nomination and also spoke in about what makes the rivalry with the Vikings so watchable. He also chatted about his experience working with The Big Show and what the future could hold for the tag team division in the WWE. 

The Raw tag team champion also discussed his love for video games and expressed his excitement around the new WWE 2K Battlegrounds game.

With this being their third year on the video game, he reminisced about what a good time this is for the Street Profits with congratulations to Dawkins who became a father last week. 

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