Which country has the worst po

Image: LADbible/Instagram

Which country has the worst potholes? LADbible bets it’s South Africa

‘A hole lot of trouble’: Social media users are debating which country has the worst potholes, with many betting on South Africa. Do you agree?

Which country has the worst po

Image: LADbible/Instagram

LADbible, the social media and entertainment social publisher based in London and Manchester, said that South Africa has the worst potholes in the world.

Which country has the worst potholes?

After people on Twitter started to debate which country has the worst potholes in the world, LADbible shared its own take saying that they have their money on South Africa.

As presented in the pictures below (scroll through), South Africa’s potholes look by far the biggest.

South Africans have been known to make the best of the situation. In the past, a Fourways resident actually documented his vacation in a sinkhole, saying that the idea is really to make light and fun of a dire situation. As seen in the comment section, South Africans had cheeky replies on the Instagram post, saying that “we strive to be the best”.

In March this year, residents near Howick in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands held a tongue in cheek pothole fishing competition.

Meanwhile. in June 2021, a road between Elliot and Engcobo is becoming “a near-death wish for many motorists” with potholes that are everywhere for 41km.

Locals have previously lobbied Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula to take action, but some infrastructure projects can only be overseen by regional authorities. Demands for help have fallen on deaf ears over the past few years. Still, it seems that South Africans are making fun of the situation.

Only in South Africa

“They’re in a hole lot of trouble,” another joked on LADbible’s post. “Love my country,” said another.

One Instagram user had a mouth full to share: “I’m from South Africa and I can confirm our potholes are the worst. My pothole insurance only covers six events per year. The one year I cracked two rims and had 11 tyres that were destroyed by potholes.”

Others said other countries cannot even compare.

“Ghana has some mickey mouse pot holes in comparison to South Africa.”

But, some disagree. “South Africa should see Zimbabwe”.