eusebius mckaiser Radio 702 2

Photo: Radio 702 / Twitter

Changes at Radio 702: Why Eusebius McKaiser is leaving the station

It’s official – Eusebius McKaiser is saying goodbye to Radio 702. Here’s the reasoning behind the decision, and the details on who will replace him.

eusebius mckaiser Radio 702 2

Photo: Radio 702 / Twitter

After a long and successful spell at Radio 702, host Eusebius McKaiser is walking away from his role at the broadcaster. The popular figure – who has ruffled a few feathers during his time in the hot-seat – will officially leave the station on Friday 26 June, as confirmed by Primedia.

Why is Eusebius McKaiser leaving Radio 702

Already, Eusebius is proving to be a wanted man: He’s recently conducted interviews with the BBC and CNN, regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and its impact on South Africa. The media personality has authored several books on race and politics, and it’s believed he is keen to pursue similar opportunities.

But according to the official word from his employers, Radio 702 said the change to the line-up is part of the longer-term strategy to reposition the station in response to listener feedback.

“We have valued Eusebius’s contribution and know that the next stage of his career journey will showcase his skills as a journalist, political analyst, writer and of course, master debater.”

Statement from Primedia

But there are a number of unconfirmed reports that suggest Eusebius McKaiser is leaving the station due to impending pay cuts, and/or the treatment of junior staff members. We understand the host has not yet made a decision on where his future lies, but he’ll no doubt be in high demand with Radio 702‘s competitors.

Who will replace him?

That means that somebody will have some big shoes to fill. Clement Manyathela is set to take up the 9:00 slot from Eusebius McKaiser and is expected to make his debut before the end of the month. Furthermore, esteemed journalist Mandy Weiner is also coming back to the station, where she will host The Midday Report.