Blxckie Image via Twitter @blxckie__

Meet Blxckie: South African hip-hop’s new kid on the block [watch]

Blxckie is South African hip-hop’s newest rising star. The Durban rapper is exceeding all expectations as his debut album, ‘B4Now’, continues to win fans over.


Blxckie Image via Twitter @blxckie__

Blxckie entered the South African hip-hop scene with guns blazing. The young rapper has been the name on everybody’s lips and immediately captured the attention of hip-hop fans with his unique voice and superstar abilities. 


Blxckie is a 21-year-old rapper from Durban who started out as a rapper in Durban rap group Clout Internet Boys. He found himself stuck in Johannesburg during the 21-day lockdown in March 2020 and released plenty of music on SoundCloud where he celebrated 1 million streams on the app. 

With the help of producer 808 Sallie, Blxckie rose to fame gaining an amazing following and growing as a name to watch in South African hip-hop.

Blxckie’s sound is a mixture of trap, hip-hop and a few old-school kwaito sounds here and there. He has received praise from a number of hip-hop giants. 

Blxckie left behind a psychology degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal to put all his focus into his music.


Blxckie recently released his debut album, B4Now, that shot to No 1 on the Apple Music Hip-Hop/Rap charts. The album is currently the top South African hip-hop album on the charts.

He previously mentioned that he wanted his 12-track offering to serve as an introduction of his artistry to the music industry.

On the project Blxckie features only a few big-name rappers, including Nasty C and Flvme.

His album also features his breakout single Big Time Sh’lappa featuring LucasRaps who also hails from Durban. Together they went bar for bar on the single and made a big name for themselves through it.

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Blxckie has been recognised twice by Apple Music for his music. He was most recently selected to be apart of Apple Music’s Africa Rising programme.

According to Music in Africa, the program only selects six artists a year and offers them editorial support across their platform. 

Expressing excitement about being chosen for the project he said, 

For me and my music to be chosen as a significant role player in this story is history in the making for someone like me. I want those that have believed in me before now to be proud. Let’s make Africa Rise”. 


Blxckie’s other achievements include hitting 1 million views on his Big Time Sh’lappa music video. 

Listen to Blxckie’s debut album B4Now here