teenage pregnancy

Moja Love’s new docuseries ‘Teenage Pregnancy’ follows three soon-to-be-moms. Image: EPA/Alex Hofford

‘Teenage Pregnancy’: Moja Love docuseries follows lives of three SA teens

Moja Love’s new docuseries, ‘Teenage Pregnancy’, follows three soon-to-be moms and tackles issues around family, friends, religion and more.

teenage pregnancy

Moja Love’s new docuseries ‘Teenage Pregnancy’ follows three soon-to-be-moms. Image: EPA/Alex Hofford

Moja Love dives into teenage pregnancy in its new docu-series, Teenage Pregnancy, which premiered on Tuesday 1 February and follows three soon-to-be teen moms. 

Reacting to the first episode of the show, one tweep expressed the hope that Teenage Pregnancy will be informative and not judgmental towards teens.


In August 2021, Gauteng Health MEC Dr Nomathemba Mokgethi revealed that more than 20 000 schoolgirls fell pregnant between April and March last year. Moja Love said these statistics were “frightening” and their new show Teenage Pregnancy will tackle this issue. 

The series follows three soon-to-be moms — Ntando, Zanele and Amo — on their journey to becoming mothers. All three teens are 17 years old. Each episode tackles issues related to their families, friends, schools, religion and gossip. 

In a statement, the head of Moja Love, Bokani Moyo, said the main aim of the show was to be education and open the dialogue around teen pregnancy. 

“Which has grown exponentially within the past year in South Africa, whilst maintaining the welfare of the participants with the full-time psychological and other support,” he added.

The show will air every Tuesday at 21:30.


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Taking to Twitter to react to the first episode of the docu-series, some were heartbroken at the stories of the three teenagers while others had a few thoughts about it.

“This Teenage Pregnancy show on Moja Love is so heartbreaking,” wrote one tweep. 

“If anything, I hope the show will be informative & less judgmental on the teens,” wrote another tweep. 

“Hopefully parents at home are not making it uncomfortable for teenagers to watch this show and learn something.”


Teenage Pregnancy was pulled from Moja Love after one episode. According to TimesLive, the docu-series was removed from television due to “legal concerns”. 

The publication further reports that the series had featured a girl who had allegedly been raped.  

At the time, Bokani Moyo said that as a “responsible broadcaster”, Moja Love had to “take all precautions in the protection of a person’s rights.”