Ntando Drunk Hangover

Ntando has Twitter people fuming with her behaviour. Image via MojaLove screenshot

‘What an entitled child’: Viewers come for Ntando of ‘Young Moms’

Ntando on Moja Love’s ‘Young Moms’ has left fans gatvol with her behaviour and attitude. She refuses to mother her child.

Ntando Drunk Hangover

Ntando has Twitter people fuming with her behaviour. Image via MojaLove screenshot

Sunday’s episode of Young Moms saw one teenage mother Ntando disappear for hours, leaving her toddler son with her sister and mother. She came back hours later telling them she is still drunk and hungover and needs to sleep.

Ntando’s sister, who has become the child’s mother, has sacrificed her life in order to take care of a child that is not hers and today, all she asked for from Ntando was a day so that can study and for Ntando to care of her child. Well, Ntando, was not having it.

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Social media users have called Ntando entitled and disrespectful especially towards her sister. Even though the family is trying to get her to be a good mother, Ntando seems uninterested. She does not want to be a mother, she has made that known. All she wants to do is continue living her life as though she does not have a child.

Some have even predicted that she is fetching her second child with the way she is behaving.

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These were some of the reactions:

@TshivhidzoBono wrote: “Ntando needs to take care of her own responsibility. She’s old enough. She is a mother right ? If not she will have another child”.

@uThandow03 wrote: “… Ntando bathong the nerve😳😫. This girl received so support from her mom and sister from the beginning Mara she still has the audacity😱. She doesn’t even consider her sister’s studies🌚” .

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@ayandamusa wrote: “Ntando is abusing her sister, imagine going through this at her age, that’s not healthy at all, I think social workers kmele bangenelele clearly she doesn’t want this baby”.

@KeSeRomeo wrote: “Ijhoooo Ntando jirrrr, she doesn’t care about everything even her child. I regret ever feeling sorry for her. How I wish she was Siyacela’s child”.

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