watershed craig hinds

Watershed frontman Craig Hinds in action on stage. Image: Andrew Gorman

#MusicExchange: Rapid-fire Q&A with Watershed’s Craig Hinds

Iconic acoustic rockers Watershed has channelled the lockdown blues into their seventh studio album, ‘Elephant in the Room’, which was released on Friday 7 May.

watershed craig hinds

Watershed frontman Craig Hinds in action on stage. Image: Andrew Gorman

Since the release of their hit song Indigo Girl in 2002, Watershed has gone on to achieve several gold and platinum albums, as well as share the stage with big names such as U2, Beyonce, Peter Gabriel, Bob Geldof and The Cranberries.

Celebrating 20 years of Watershed and having been signed to the independent European record label On Stage at the end of last year, the South African rockers were hoping for a 2020 release to the follow-up to their 2018 album, Harbour. That was before COVID-19 and lockdown changed our worlds.

The lockdown however did give lead singer and songwriter Craig Hinds the the space (and the material) to work on compelling lyrics and melodies and as soon as domestic travel was given the all-clear, Hinds was off to Gauteng to workshop and record the album.

Watershed’s pandemic rock

“At the time, like a lot of people, I was questioning everything that was going on,” explained Hinds. “At the same time, you are also trying to keep things as normal as you can, even though you know that something is drastically wrong.”

Undone, the first single off Elephant in the Room, was released on 26 March and deals with the uncertainty and confusion when the pandemic hit our shores last year in a rock, up-tempo manner. Give it a listen:


Watershed – have successfully toured in Europe while performing alongside some of the biggest names in world music, such as U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Geldof, The Corrs and The Cranberries. 

Fame is about? 

Keeping your head, keeping it level…

Retirement will happen when? 

No such thing anymore.

I don’t do? 

Hot fruit on pizzas.

What does music mean to you? 


My music is about? 

People, their stories and their lives.

I would love to co-write with?

Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows.

Where do you go for inspiration to create? 

My spare room at home. It overlooks the sea and that’s where I like to be…

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work? 

I guess creating a song out of nothing.

The song you must do in every show? 

Indigo Girl

Any funny moments on stage? 

Watching the band trying to figure things out in a few split seconds after they have been given different set lists for a show.

My heroes? 

Our plumber and our electrician.

My style icon 

James Dean.

Which living person do you admire most and why? 

People are too complicated to admire in their entirety. I guess ordinary people going the extra mile; that’s extraordinary. 

What is your most treasured possession? 

My iPad. 

It’s your round what are you drinking? 

Beer, as long as its ice cold.

Dream gig to do? 

A remote part of the planet where people have travelled far and wide to spend time with us, watch our show and be a part of an incredible experience. A destination show… 

What makes you stand out? 

Not sure, do I?


Hindsman and Craigo.

If you were not a musician what would you do? 

I would want to be a judge.

Who would play you in a Hollywood blockbuster? 

I’d want to be like a Harrison Ford type of guy.

Pick five words to describe yourself? 

Chilled, content, interested, quiet, inspired.

Five favourite SA albums? 

  • Henry Ate – Slap in the Face;
  • Granny Smith’s first album,
  • Just Jinger – All Comes Round;  
  • Monark’s first album, 
  • And obviously my dad’s EP recorded at EMI in the 70s!

Greatest movie ever made? 

Saving Private Ryan.

What books are you reading? 

Keith Richards, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Deon Meyer.

What song changed your life? 

Anna Begins by Counting Crows.

Who do you love? 

Quite a few people… Did my wife send you these questions?

What is your favourite word? 


Favourite fashion garment? 

Black T-shirt.

Give us some real proper slang and what it means 

  • “Kiff” – very nice;
  • “Lank” – lots of;
  • “Flip” – wow; and
  • “Twatwollop” – loser/ no hoper.

Top of your bucket list? 


Your greatest achievement? 

Springbok water polo. 

What do you complain about most often? 

Pedestrian crossings.

What is your fear? 

Dying, because NO-ONE knows where to from here…

Happiness is? 

Lying in bed with my wife and cats watching the sun rise and sipping a cup of tea…

On stage I tend to? 


The best life lesson you have been taught? 

Just get on with it!

Do you get worked up while watching a sports game on TV? 

Not really, it’s just a game

Where would you like to be right now? 

On a yacht cruising the most beautiful parts of the world with amazing friends and family and lots of beer and wine…and a braai

Do you do charity work?

We give where we can. I hate seeing animals and humans suffer.

Wishes and dreams? 

To continue with music for a long time and to live a long, interesting and peaceful life.

Social media links 

Instagram: @watershedmusicofficial

Facebook: Watershed

Twitter: Watershedmusic