Victoria Beckham salt on toast

Photo: Pixabay

Salt on toast? Victoria Beckham gets roasted over her favourite food

Plain toast with salt?
Victoria Beckham has broken the internet when describing her favourite food. Yes, it really is salt on toast…

Victoria Beckham salt on toast

Photo: Pixabay

Celebrities are strange people sometimes. If they’re not in the news for admitting that they don’t wash their kids, they’re in the news for admitting that their favourite food is salt on toast. This time, it’s Victoria Beckham that has got people talking.

Victoria Beckham loves salt on toast

Ok, we know being a model must require the most disciplined eating habits that few of us can even imagine following for just one day. But imagine telling the world your comfort food of choice is some plain toast with salt on it? And not just any toast either, she is talking about the healthy kind.

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Here’s what Victoria Beckham had to say when asked about her favourite food.

“This is where I sound even more boring in the food department. I like whole grain toast with salt on it. It’s that carbohydrate that makes you feel comforted and I love salt. To most restaurants I’m probably their worst nightmare.

I love some steamed vegetables, some balsamic vinegar and then to season myself. I like things to be cooked in a very simple way. I don’t like oils or butters or sauces.”

Victoria Beckham told the Table 4 podcast

The Beckhams are also known for being close buddies with Gordon Ramsay and his family. And according to Victoria, everyone’s favourite foud mouthed chef, hasn’t ever seen anyone more disciplined with their eating.

Could you handle the salt on toast lifestyle? We certainly know we couldn’t…