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‘Uyajola 9/9’: Jub Jub’s feisty attitude upsets viewers AGAIN [watch]

Sunday night’s episode of ‘Uyajola 9/9’ is still trending and it’s not because another cheater got busted – people online are dragging Jub Jub for being ‘rude’.


Image via Twitter: @official_jubjub

By now we’re used to all the drama that comes with watching Moja Love’s reality TV show, Uyajola 9/9. This hasn’t stopped those who tune in every Sunday from criticising Jub Jub, the show’s host, who has been called rude more than once. On Sunday 26 September he once again showed off his fiery side while helping a man who suspected his partner of hiding stuff from him.

Uyajola 9/9: Man confronts his partner while Jub Jub dishes out clapbacks

Every Sunday in South Africa many folks tune in to Moja Love’s Uyajola 9/9 that became an instant hit with South Africans when it first debuted on their screens in May 2019.

Jub Jub, the host of the popular television series has since been coined a “savage” for never holding his tongue when it comes to those who are found guilty of cheating on their partners – but now it seems his attitude extends to those who are asking for his help.

He has once again been trending on Twitter after serving a cheating man with the spiciest clapbacks. It all starts when a local man calls on the Moja Love crew to help him unveil whether or not his partner is being unfaithful.

Unfortunately for him, his woman is caught with another man, and judging by her response to getting caught she has no remorse – even calling the poor guy “dramatic”. Meanwhile, the fiery host resorts to grilling the man left, right, and centre despite the fact that he came on the show for some assistance.

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South Africans are tired of his ‘rudeness’

While many found this episode as lit as any other, a lot of people criticised Jub Jub for addressing people on the show rudely. Some of them even said that they were tired of watching him mistreat people for entertainment purposes:

@TeeKhoman said:

“What’s up with Jub Jub’s behaviour tonight, hai wa bhora shame. The way he acts toward the complaints mxm ????#Uyajola99.”

@PhilMphela wrote:

“Something is off about this episode so far. Jub Jub is rude to the guy seeking help. He seems disinterested in even listening to his story. Where is the iPad? Why is he using his phone and being rude when the guy touches it? #Uyajola99″

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