Uyajola 9/9

Viewers are amused after Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub came face to face with an angry bouncer. Images via Twitter

‘Uyajola 9/9’: Jub Jub nearly gets beat by cheating bouncer!

Jub Jub almost caught hands on Sunday’s episode of ‘Uyajola 9/9’ from an an angry cheater, who happened to be a bouncer…

Uyajola 9/9

Viewers are amused after Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub came face to face with an angry bouncer. Images via Twitter

Jub Jub found himself hiding behind his bodyguards in Sunday night’s episode of Uyajola 9/9 after coming face to face with an angry cheater, who just so happened to be a burly bouncer.

The Moja Love presenter was visibly shaken after the man threatened to beat him after he was caught red-handed.

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In the first instalment of Uyajola 9/9, Jub Jub met with Sibonakaliso from Kwa-Mashu, Durban, who suspected her bouncer boyfriend  Siboniso of seeing other women.

Needless to say, the team swooped in on the man who accompanied his side chick to get her hair done at a salon. 

But Jub Jub – known for his shady swipes at cheaters – was clearly intimidated by the man, who towered way above him.

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After the man tried to attack the presenter, Jub Jub pleaded: “Don’t fight with me. I was called by your girlfriend. I’m just doing my job.

Siboniso angrily reacted: “You did this. Do you see what you’ve done? You’re disrespecting me”.

Provoked by a smirking Jub Jub who hid behind his own bodyguards, the angry cheater tried his best to get closer to the presenter.

But the bouncer was no match for Uyajola’s bodyguards, who put him in his place.

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In the second clip, Jub Jub met with another woman from Kwa-Mashu – Babongile whose boyfriend of four years assured her he was at work.

However, the Uyajola team caught the man wining and dinging his side-chick in a seafood restaurant.

Whilst the man came clean about his cheating ways, his side-chick refused to leave his side

“Your relationship with him is over”, Babongile told the mistress who responded: “I’m not leaving until he tells me to. I want him to tell me”.

When the man eventually gives her cash to take a taxi home, the side chick quips: “That’s not happening. You’re leaving with me. You came here with me

In the end, Babongile dumps her boyfriend, who is quickly snatched up by his side chick.


Here’s how tweeps reacted to the entertaining episodes:

@AdvoBarryRoux: “Jub Jub finally meets his match today. He’s talking far away from him. He’s afraid of catching hands”

@TumzaYDN: “Jub Jub is behind the scenes today”

@LetlapaRebotile: “Jub Jub is scared of this guy… I don’t blame him”