Toya Delazy

Toya Delazy Image via Twitter @ToyaDelazy

‘Fell off or never left?’ Twitter weighs in on Toya Delazy’s career

Toya Delazy has had her fair share of Twitter backlash in the past. Now, Twitter is coming for her again after a questionable tweet.

Toya Delazy

Toya Delazy Image via Twitter @ToyaDelazy

Toya Delazy has since relocated to London after her success in South African music. The 31-year-old singer/songwriter has given South Africa hits like Love Is In the Air and Are You Gonna Stay.

Toya Delazy has also had her fair share of social media backlash in the past and Twitter are digging their teeth into Toya’s tweets yet again!


A video of controversial businessman Mandla Lamba and an unnamed woman surfaced on Twitter where he expresses his love for the woman but the woman answers Mandla with whispers. Twitter users were unsure of who the woman was but quickly assumed that she was Lamba’s partner. In the video, he asks her whether she is happy with him.

To which she responds, “More than happy”. 

While other Twitter users were confused about the energy of the video, with one Tweep writing “Ok, I don’t need any more convincing! This video screams out, Abused!” Toya responded writing that she loves the energy in the video, saying it’s so beautiful. 


Toya’s innocent comment turned into her being dragged about her career which she did not take lightly. Twitter had a field day arguing whether she had fallen off or not.

One tweep explained how she owes promoters money after promoting a song of hers in 2020. Some tweeps defended Toya against the side of Twitter that was on her face with one tweep highlighting the growth in Toya’s music.

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After the backlash, the Sama award-winning artist created a poll for tweeps to partake in and vote whether they think “she fell off or if she never left”.

So far, just over 28 000 tweeps have voted and Toya’s poll is still open for votes…