TikToker Keara Wilson gets cop

Image: Via Twitter @AfroTech

TikToker Keara Wilson gets copyright for Megan Thee Stallion #SavageChallenge

Six dancers and choreographers have received copyrights for their dance moves in light of a black TikTok creators’ strike in June.

TikToker Keara Wilson gets cop

Image: Via Twitter @AfroTech

Keara Wilson, creator of the Savage dance to Megan Thee Stallion’s song, has finally earned the copyright to her popular #SavageChallenge dance moves.

The TikTok creator, along with five other creators and dancers, were surprised with the welcome news at a dinner celebration honouring #Creators4BIPOC this month.


Last month, black TikTok creators felt aggrieved for not getting the credit they deserve for starting social media’s most popular dance trends. They staged a strike through which these creators refused to come up with a new dance to Megan Thee Stallion’s latest song, Thot Shit.

Award-winning US choreographer JaQuel Knight’s foundation, JK Foundation and Swiss-based Logitech worked together to help 10 creatives secure copyrights for their choreography so they can own and monetise their creations on TikTok and other platforms.


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♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

The first six creators were surprised at the #Creators4BIPOC dinner. The initiative is led by Logitech For Creators, a brand extension of Swiss-based computer software company Logitech. The initiative aims to support creators to pursue their passions.

I am so thrilled to announce this collaboration with The JaQuel Knight Foundation and Logitech, a remarkable step in our goal toward creating a system of protection for young creators, said JaQuel Knight in a statement published in Business Wire.

Knight went on to explain that his foundation aims to give the power back to dancers and choreographers and future generations.


Alongside Keara Wilson, five other creators and choreographers who earned copyrights to their dance moves, are:

  • Young Deji, creator of The Woah dance;
  • Fullout Cortland choreographer of Doja Cat’s Say So performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards;
  • The Nae Nae Twins, who created the Savage Remix dance;
  • Emmy-award nominated Chloe Arnold’s Salute A Legend choreography with the Syncopated Ladies; and
  • Mya Johnson and Chris Cotter, who created the Up dance to Cardi B’s song.

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