Throwback: What life was like

Image: YouTube/CNN

Throwback: What life was like in the Olympic Village of 1984 [watch]

See how technology – and security – has changed compared to 2021 in this video of the Olympic Village in 1984 from the CNN archives.

Throwback: What life was like

Image: YouTube/CNN

During the 1984 Olympic Games, CNN went inside the Olympic Village in Los Angeles, in the United States to see what life was like for the greatest athletes of their day.

Inside the Olympic Village

The 1984 Summer Olympics marked the second time that Los Angeles had hosted the Games, the first being in 1932. Now recent footage from the CNN vault shows a behind-the-scenes look at the Olympic Village of 1984, and it is clearly a very different look than the Olympics we know today.

As the USA Today points out, what makes this year’s Olympic Games particularly different is fears around the coronavirus.

“Coronavirus fears will dictate the day-to-day operations at the Olympic Village, where 11 000 Olympians and 4 400 Paralympians are estimated to pass through. While inside the Village, athletes are to keep their masks on at all times, other than when: sleeping, eating, drinking, training or competing.

“Mask-wearing is a requirement even while training at the state-of-the art fitness center, where athletes can tune up and cool down. But be sure to disinfect the equipment before and after use. Additionally, organisers will be tracking athletes’ locations, and athletes without a smartphone will receive one at the Village.”

1984 vs 2021

Whats, more, to discourage athletes from having sex, organisers opted for cardboard beds. According to TMZ, the beds’ frames and modest mattresses are designed by a company called Airweave. They’re said to be somewhat intricate in their structure and configuring…able to be adjusted to an individual’s liking/contortion.

One Tweet suggests that the cardboard beds are able to withstand the weight of a single person to avoid intimate situations beyond sports, but according to Irish gymnast, Rhys Mcclenaghan this is not necessarily the case.

All work and no play: Inside the Olympics recreational centre

According to 2OceansVibes, dspite all of these measures, athletes have spoken about enjoying meeting competitors from across the globe, and it’s not all business and no play. There is a recreational centre, which includes some alternate-reality fun.