'The Wife'

‘The Wife’ finale: Mqhele’s ice cream, Sambulo’s return & Naledi’s issues. Image via Twitter @siphele93147630

‘The Wife’ finale: Mqhele’s ice cream, Sambulo’s return & Naledi’s issues

‘The Wife’ season two finale highlighted Naledi’s body insecurities and brought back fan-favourite characters Sambulo and Mandisa.

'The Wife'

‘The Wife’ finale: Mqhele’s ice cream, Sambulo’s return & Naledi’s issues. Image via Twitter @siphele93147630

Showmax’s hit telenovela The Wife ended season two with more twists than the first season, when Sambulo ‘the hitman’ rose from the dead, Mqhele killed Lux and Naledi revealed her body insecurities to Qhawe.   

SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading unless you have seen the season two finale of The Wife this morning (5 May).    


The Wife fans applauded the writers for highlighting Naledi’s body insecurities in this morning’s episode (5 May) and thanked the show for killing Lux and bringing back Sambulo.   

Qhawe’s future wife Naledi is different from Hlomu (Mbali Mavimbela) and Zandile (Khanyi Mbau) as she represents big women/ thick women who are insecure about their bodies.   

Viewers were unsure the actress Gaisang K Noge could pull off the character when she landed the role this season because she wasn’t as thick as they’d imagined from the book series.   

But all that changed this morning when her cellulites and insecurities were revealed in her first love-making scene with Qhawe. 

Naledi’s love story with the handsome and muscular Qhawe (played by Kwenzo Ngcobo) gives women hope.   

The message: Naledi is a beautiful doctor who seems to have it all but she’s not perfect! 

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The season two finale also showed us the fun and lighter side of Mqhele we met in season one.

Viewers adored Mqhele in the hospital scene where he’s holding an ice cream…right before he kills Lux.  

This is the Mqhele we loved and couldn’t get enough of, the guy who picked Hlomu from work every day and always had ice cream in his car.   

Mqhele (Bonko Khoza) is seen holding an ice cream in the scene, with a cap on, he enters Lux’s (Kabelo Moalusi) hospital room and injects poison into his drip which ultimately kills him.   

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The Wife wouldn’t be the same without Sambulo (Sipho Ndlovu) ‘the hitman’. Viewers were thrilled when Sambulo showed up in the last episode without a scratch on his face.   

Fans predicted he’s still alive as he sent his brother – Mqoqi (Thulani Shange) a cryptic SMS in last week’s episode.  

“Silent predators never die. We always pounce when least expected.”  

Fans were however not so thrilled about Mandisa’s return as she’s the one responsible for Sambulo’s disappearance and near-death experience.   

#TheWife predicts that Mandisa will commit suicide in season three as she did in the book series.    



“Sambulo is back! Naledi gets kidnapped and Qhawe is attacked! And the paper is out! It is a lot!” 

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