The way she moves: Normani sha

Image: @Vintageasoul/Twitter

The way she moves: Normani shares ‘Wild Side’ tutorial with fans [watch]

Normani went live on Instagram with her dance crew and choreographer to teach fans the dance moves to her and Cardi B’s ‘Wild Side’ music video

The way she moves: Normani sha

Image: @Vintageasoul/Twitter

Normani’s latest single Wild Side reminded fans of how well she can move. Along with choreographer Sean Bankhead, Normani shared a step-by-step tutorial to the choreography that was done for the Wild Side music video on her Instagram and TikTok.

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On Tuesday, 20 July, Normani went live on Instagram and TikTok with choreographer Sean Bankhead and a crew of dancers to break down the elaborate choreographic routine. The live session was the best way for fans to study and learn the routine at home.

This live session was conducted in response to Normani’s fans sharing their own versions of the dance routine on social media. Before the video started, Bankhead called it the #WildSideDanceChallenge, with Normani using the hashtag on the caption of her Instagram post where she reposted the live dance masterclass.

Before teaching the moves, Normani bowed down and thanked her dance crew for their hard work on the video.

I am not the talent. We are the talent, says Normani at the start of the video.

Bankhead urged fans who were following the routine in the video to stretch, he thanked them for wanting to learn the dance and wants to teach the dance with the right details.

Bankhead also mentioned that they’re teaching an altered version of the dance, as some of the movements would be too difficult for fans to learn.

This is definitely not a dance for the weak, says Bankhead


After the live video, Normani’s fans didn’t waste any time learning the intricate steps to the dance routine. Fans tagged Normani and gave the dance challenge some hashtags, #wildsidedancechallenge and #WildSideChallenge