The Kiffness

The Kiffness Image via Instagram @thekiffness

The Kiffness shares his wife’s pregnancy with a cool techno jam [watch]

Multi-talented musician The Kiffness and his wife announced a new addition to their family using their unborn baby’s heartbeat!

The Kiffness

The Kiffness Image via Instagram @thekiffness

David Scott, a.k.a The Kiffness is known for his groovy electronic remixes. The talented musician is soon to welcome a new addition to the family and in true The Kiffness style, there was only one way he could’ve announced the news. 


The Sugarman hitmaker and his wife Jüte are expecting their first child and they got creative and celebrated the little one on the way with a song. Their electro track 12 week old fetus starts off with a short clip from an ultrasound where the two were amazed at their little one growing inside of his wife’s stomach. 

In the clip Jüte says, “So there’s an actual baby? Look at the heart”. The Kiffness replied saying the baby’s fast heartbeat sounded like a techno tune. 

In the track, the couple sing over the catchy beat, 

“All my life I’ve been wondering where the beat is… And then I found it… in my 12 week old fetus.”

At the end of the energetic performance his exhausted wife says, “ugh, I’m going to go into labour now”. 

The couple are expecting Baby Kifness in January 2022. 


Speaking to Texx and the City the musician said after they heard the baby’s heartbeat, they had to take the opportunity to collaborate with their unborn child. 

“Props to my wife Jüte for being the biggest champion in her first trimester and for dealing with Covid on top of dealing with pregnancy. Thank you to the doctor for being kiff and for capturing our baby’s little techno heart!”


The Kiffness always gives South Africa a good remix and leaves us hanging onto our chairs. In his latest viral remix he made light of President Cyril Ramaphosa misplacing his iPad. The video was a laughable moment for many South Africans and The Kiffness used his music producing skills to bring a funky beat to the situation! 


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