‘Succession’ star Kieran Culki

Kieran Culkin. Image via Twitter @MusicNewsRumor

‘Succession’ star Kieran Culkin is set to host ‘Saturday Night Live’

‘Succession’ star Kieran Culkin is set to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ in November, with Ed Sheeran making an appearance as the musical guest.

‘Succession’ star Kieran Culki

Kieran Culkin. Image via Twitter @MusicNewsRumor

Kieran Culkin is set to host Saturday Night Live next month.

The Succession actor will guest present the late-night sketch show on 6 November and will be joined by musical guest Ed Sheeran. It will mark the 30-year-old pop megastar’s third performance on the entertainment programme.

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Meanwhile, Culkin just revealed he and his pregnant wife were forced to sleep on the floor in their apartment after their daughter took over their bedroom.

The 39-year-old star and his spouse Jazz Charton gave the one-bedroom they had to their daughter Kinsey, two, meaning that the couple had to get their slumber on a mattress in their living room.

Kieran admitted that his other half – who was expecting their now two-month-old son Wilder at the time – questioned why the star of a hit HBO show didn’t have a house that had enough rooms for his family.

“We live in New York City apartments, I’m sure it’s similar to this [in London], like, the corner of our bedroom is the nursery. So we weren’t really prepared for all that.”

“And then eventually friends kept telling us ‘you know you’re going to have to give that kid its own room’. We have a one-bedroom apartment, there’s, what, the kitchen? I don’t know, where does it go?”


“So eventually the kid took our bedroom and then my wife – who was pregnant the second time while we were shooting through the pandemic – we’re sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor because the baby has the bedroom and she at one point turns to me and she goes, ‘You see how we live, right? You know you’re on a hit TV show, right?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah alright we’ll move, we’ll move!’”

Kieran and Jazz have since purchased a three-bedroom property but “it’s being renovated” so they have not yet moved.

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