Sorisha Naidoo claps back at the Instagram drama. Images via Instagram @sorishanaidoo @nonku_williams.

Sorisha set to serve Nonku with receipts at the RHOD reunion

Nonku has ensured her own takedown at the season finale and now Sorisha has vowed to air her dirty linen at the upcoming reunion.


Sorisha Naidoo claps back at the Instagram drama. Images via Instagram @sorishanaidoo @nonku_williams.

It seems like the takedown of Nonku Williams was not just limited to the last episode of the third season of Real Housewives of Durban. It seems like Sorisha is making her moves to take her down because she without a doubt has been a villain since the show started.

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The takedown of Nonku

This season has been dramatic to the core. The last episode was in line with the theme of the entire season and was not stingy when it came to the drama. The highlight of the season finale was the physical altercation between Nonku and her former friend Slee,

The altercation according to Sunday World was sparked by Nonku who confirmed that she made the claims that Slee was broke and had borrowed money which allegedly was a sum of R3000 from a mutual friend of theirs. This led to a very suspect altercation between Slee and Nonku.

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Sorisha and Nonku
Sorisha Naidoo and Nonku Williams will square off at the reunion when receipts will be served. Images via Instagram @sorishanaidoo @nonku_williams.

In between all this drama, when Nonku was having a field day dragging Slee’s alleged financial troubles to the front, Sorisha made a very interesting statement during her confessional. The apparent queen B of the group went to state that she knows all about Nonku and the people that she owes money to. Sorisha then boldly declared that she will be airing Nonku’s dirty linen at the reunion.

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Sorisha’s bone in the fight

It is no lie that Nonku and Sorisha had a very strained relationship this season. The core of the issue was that Nonku could not pupper master Sorisha whose loyalties clearly lay with Annie. The fact that Sorisha quickly befriended Slee whom Nonku assumably brought on to the show to be her minion was the final straw for Nonku who went on to bad mouth Sorisha during her confessionals and not to her face.

The reunion is set to be groundbreaking as this season was easily their best season. So we have to wait for the third of May so we can see what receipts Sorisha was talking about.

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