Adrenaline fix: Get all the th

Image: HotelSkySA/Twitter

Adrenaline fix: Get all the thrills with ‘Sky-Hi Ride’ at CPT hotel [watch]

A new thrill ride situated on top of the 28th floor of Hotel Sky offers the public an ‘exciting and unbeatable’ view of the Mother City.

Adrenaline fix: Get all the th

Image: HotelSkySA/Twitter

Hotel Sky in Cape Town recently introduced its thrilling new Sky-Hi Ride which is one of only seven of these fall rides in the world and a first for Africa.

SA’s newest thrill ride: The Sky-Hi Ride

The hotel, which boasts 535 rooms and suites and a sister hotel in Johannesburg, opened its new ride for the public at R250 per person.

“If the idea of an exhilarating, gravity-defying, breathtaking drop, reaching speeds of 75km/h and 3G’s excites you then THIS is for you!” the hotel wrote on WebTickets, its official platform for people to purchase tickets and make a booking.

It is said that the 30m-high ride is perched on top of the 28th floor of Hotel Sky and is one of a kind in Africa.

“You simply won’t find a more exciting view of the city.”

It is said that the ride is weather dependent and is limited to only 10 riders at a time. Those interested can also choose between a day view or a night view.

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Robots, thrill rides and more

Refilwe Moloto interviewed Paul Kelley, the owner of Hotel Sky on CapeTalk to speak about the hotel — which made headline for its robots as staff members earlier this year — and its other perks.

“This project [the hotel] created 200 jobs in Cape Town, with an investment of over R1 billion into the economy…More than 50% of the South African population has never even seen or been to Cape Town. We brought this to market at a price that is affordable,” Kelley said.

Currently, Hotel Sky has three robots onsite to attend to its guests. The robots perform tasks such as the delivery of room service orders and providing concierge services to guests.  This reduces the need for interaction between humans and therefore complies with national COVID-19 regulations for the hospitality sector.

“These robots are concierges…they can even deliver room service. They don’t replace people,” Kelley added.

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