SA actor introduces ‘SA’s Prem

Image: Themba-Robin/Facebook

SA actor introduces ‘SA’s Premium Tsotsi Repellent’ in looting skit [watch]

Watch as South African actor Themba Robin introduces ‘SkolieOlie’ – a ‘premium looting repellent’ – in a hilarious new skit.

SA actor introduces ‘SA’s Prem

Image: Themba-Robin/Facebook

South African voice-over artist and actor Themba Robin has created another funny skit, this time targeting looting criminals and how you can deter them from stealing your stuff.

Themba Robin’s looting skit

You may have seen Themba Robin in a few skits last year during the big COVID-19 lockdown as part of his lockdown series, Lockdown is Lekker. Now, the comedian is advertising ‘SkolieOlie’ – the perfect oil to keep criminals from stealing your belongings.

The skit is clearly a play on recent events which saw security guards take extra measures into securing a grocery shop from looters after violent riots broke out in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. The video quickly went viral in South Africa when the looters could not make it to the shop’s front door due to them pouring oil onto the floor. “Brilliant idea,” Facebook users quipped on the social media platform. “Oh, I love this,” said another. “A well-deserved bonus to those who came up with that genius plan, I take my hat off to them.”

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Themba’s video has since clocked in over 500 000 views on Facebook after it was uploaded on 24 July.

“Don’t become a statistic, Get your SkolieOlie ™ TODAY!,” Themba wrote

Mzansi reacts

Social media users were clearly impressed, saying that he is going to “have us hospitalised if you don’t stop with your ‘out of this world’ jokes”.

“South African commercial industry needs more people like you,” said another. Others are certain South Africans always see the brighter side of things. “Omw gotta love South Africa no matter what”.

“This is why I love this country! Such smart and funny people,” said another. “It’s better to laugh than cry, keep it coming,” said another.

Watch: Get your SkolieOlie

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