Boetie Boer

Showmax releases ‘Boetie Boer: Inside The Mind of A Monster’ trailer. Images: supplied.

Chilling ‘Boetie Boer: Inside The Mind of A Monster’ trailer is here!

Showmax has shared the spine-chilling trailer for upcoming true-crime series ‘Boetie Boer: Inside The Mind of A Monster’.

Boetie Boer

Showmax releases ‘Boetie Boer: Inside The Mind of A Monster’ trailer. Images: supplied.

Showmax has released the official trailer for upcoming true-crime series Boetie Boer: Inside The Mind of A Monster on Monday 18 September.

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Showmax has released the spine-chilling trailer for their upcoming original true-crime series titled Boetie BoerInside The Mind Of A Monster on Monday 18 September.

The series takes viewers back in time to 1990: as the African National Congress is unbanned and Nelson Mandela is released after 27 years in prison, Stewart ‘Boetie Boer’ Wilken starts his killing spree in Port Elizabeth, now Gqeberha.

“When he was arrested, it sounded like something out of a movie. Suddenly we had a serial killer,” said journalist Brett Adkins in the trailer.

“Wilken was a highly unusual serial killer. Unlike most serial killers, he had more than one type of victim: predominantly female sex workers and young boys, usually street children, across multiple races. He also claimed to engage in necrophilia and cannibalism with his victims,” said director Jasyn Howes.

In the unsettling trailer, Wilken openly discusses his crimes with Dr Gérard Labuschagne, the former section head of the Investigative Psychology Section of the South African Police Services. “Labuschagne gave us his recording of just over three hours of Wilken sharing, in his own words, everything he’d done,” says Howes. “Wilken had been in prison for eight years at the time of that interview, and was already sentenced to life behind bars, so he had no obvious reason to hide anything.”

Wilken’s version of events is balanced by interviews with the Child Protection Unit investigator Sergeant Ursula Barnard and Sergeant Derick Nosworthy of the Murder and Robbery Unit, who both played key roles in bringing Wilken to justice. In addition, Howes interviews the family of one of Wilken’s victims, Georgina Zweni, and Wilken’s own surviving children, Sonika and Sergius.  

Boetie Boer
Showmax releases ‘Boetie Boer: Inside The Mind of A Monster’ trailer. Images: supplied.

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The 90s were also the era of the ABC Killer, Moses Sithole, and the Station Strangler accused Norman Simons, who was released on parole in July 2023. So despite committing at least seven murders, Wilkens didn’t receive as much coverage as you’d expect. 

The five-part documentary series is a co-production between Stage 5 Films and Howes’ Fifth Floor Films. It’s the third documentary, and first true-crime docuseries, from Stage 5 Films, building on the success of Unearthed, and The Journeymen.

Boetie Boer premieres on Showmax on 18 October 2023, with new episodes on Wednesdays. However, there is a disclaimer.

“Even if you are over 18 and a fan of true-crime documentaries, we strongly advise viewer discretion,” says Allan Sperling, executive head of content at Showmax. “This is not for sensitive viewers, especially hearing the description of the crimes in the killer’s own words.”

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