Scoop Makhathini slams Cassper

Image: Via Twitter @scoopmakhathini

Scoop Makhathini slams Cassper’s ‘money trail’ amapiano tweet [watch]

Scoop Makhathini has criticised Cassper Nyovest for ‘always talking about what’s wrong with hip-hop’ and his recent ‘Come to piano, boys!’ tweet.

Scoop Makhathini slams Cassper

Image: Via Twitter @scoopmakhathini

Entertainment presenter Scoop Makhathini shared his opinion on a Cassper Nyovest tweet on 21 July in which the rapper invites artists to “Come to piano, boys!”

In a podcast, Makhathini questioned whether Nyovest understands his contribution to the politics of hip-hop as he’s one of the forerunners in the local industry.

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The hip-hop focused podcast Popcast is hosted by DJ and radio presenter Ms Cosmo and Makhathini and on the show’s 14th episode on the current season four, the aforementioned presenters and veteran hip-hop DJ and producer DJ Switch discussed their attachment to hip-hop.

The people on the show shared how tricky it is to be married to the hip-hop industry and Makhathini mentioned how as an ambassador, he’s put hip-hop above his other creative ventures and spoke about how he wants to refocus his energy and explore other ventures because he doesn’t want to be boxed in by the genre and its fans.

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Ms Cosmo recognised how complex and sacred hip-hop culture is and mentioned Nyovest’s tweet and asked if he’s supposed to stick to one genre for the rest of his career.

Nyovest’s tweet in July reads:

Come to piano boys!!! Its nice here!!! The music speaks for itself. If it’s hot, it sells, if it’s not, it doesn’t. No politics can stop a hot song. The people decide. Just make amapiano, you’ll thank me later!!!


DJ Switch pointed out that Nyovest is a father now and is doing what he can to put money on the table. He added that he doesn’t believe the artist has abandoned hip-hop altogether.

“There’s no way Cassper’s left hip-hop, he’s following the money trail,” DJ Switch was heard saying.

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Makhathini chipped in by saying that he’s not bothered about whether or not Nyovest is chasing the money, he’s bothered by how the artist has conducted himself in this process and feels that Nyovest should be grateful for all the doors the hip-hop industry has opened for him.

“This is not me fighting or trying to paint him in a bad light — he always talks about what’s wrong with hip-hop; he’s also one of the forerunners of hip-hop. There has been a lot wrong with him too and he can’t be human enough to see that but he always talks what’s wrong with everybody else but there’s so much wrong with him and the way he conducts himself in the space of hip-hop,” said Makhathini on the show.

‘He’s extinguishing the fire of the genre’

He’s putting it, in a way that kills the future for the people involved in the culture that have supported him. He’s extinguishing the fire of the genre and that puts the kids in it in a tough position… because they also have something to say [in hip-hop] like he did, says a passionate Makhathini.

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