sarafina youth day

Many South Africans will be tuning into Sarafina this Youth Day. Image via Twitter: @BhekiNyathi

‘We must revive our anger’: SA on tuning into ‘Sarafina’ for the ‘100th time’

‘Sarafina’ is hitting South African screens again this Youth Day. Will you be tuning in again this year or sitting this one out?

sarafina youth day

Many South Africans will be tuning into Sarafina this Youth Day. Image via Twitter: @BhekiNyathi

South Africans across the country have shared their thoughts about Youth Day and what the day means to them. Among thousands of Youth Day tweets are hundreds of tweets about Sarafina, a commemorative movie about the struggles of young pupils fighting for equality during the apartheid regime.

The movie, which has a strong message about how South African youth fought at all costs for their rights, has aired on SA tv screens every Youth Day since it first hit and while many have grown tired, a number of locals still tune in.

1992, the story of Sarafina, played by local actress, Leleti Khumalo hit the screens with a powerful message about apartheid and youth.

The movie follows the life of Sarafina who becomes involved in the fight against Afrikaans becoming her school’s official language.

US actress Whoopi Goldberg and media personality Somizi Mhlongo also feature in the famous production which airs almost every Youth Day in South Africa to commemorate the younger generation of South Africa who played a role in fighting apartheid.

This year, many of the country’s youth have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

Here are some of their comments:

@newinhere said:

“I wish we had Youth like that from Sarafina. The Shut Down was gonna happen. People with Influence on social media just use it for bullshit. Serious issues ain’t being addressed. Our Youth Is Paralyzed. Talk No Action.:cry:

@nkululekoxaba said:

“Preparing to watch Sarafina on the 16th of June for the 2836438th time on Dstv”

@mphoseeri said:

“ know I’ve watched Sarafina million times… Mara today Kenna leyona :crossed_fingers:. Just to get angry at my white neighbors for no reason. Phela we need to revive our anger every year.”

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