barry hilton ryanair afrikaans quiz.

Barry Hilton’s version of the Ryanair Afrikaans quiz will crack you up. Image via Facebook @barryhilton

Flunked the Ryanair Afrikaans test? Try comedian Barry Hilton’s ‘version’

‘What’s a poephol?’: Tweeps are loving comedian Barry Hilton’s ‘version’ of the controversial Ryanair Afrikaans test. Take a look…

barry hilton ryanair afrikaans quiz.

Barry Hilton’s version of the Ryanair Afrikaans quiz will crack you up. Image via Facebook @barryhilton

Many social media users were absolutely bewildered after learning that Ryanair is making South Africans prove their nationality before allowing them to board low-cost flights to and from the United Kingdom (UK).

Passengers have reportedly been asked to fill in an Afrikaans quiz with questions regarding South African public holidays and what some of the country’s official languages are.

In light of this, local comedian Barry Hilton has come up with his own version of the Ryanair Afrikaans test – and it is hilarious.

Barry Hilton’s Ryanair Afrikaans test with a twist will leave you in stitches

In proper South African style, funny guy Barry Hilton has poked some fun at the controversial Ryanair Afrikaans test, which the airline defended by calling it a move to fight passport fraud.

The questions in their quiz include:

Wat is Suid Afrika se amptelike geldeenheid? (What is SA’s official currency?); Noem een van Suid Afrika se nasionale vakansiedae? (Name one of SA’s national holidays?), and: Wat is die naam van die bekende bergreeks in Kaapstad wat sommige glo is een van die oudste bergreeks in die wêreld? (What is the name of the famous mountain range in Cape Town that some believe is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world?).

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Taking to Facebook, the popular comedian joked that he had managed to translate the questions into English.

Expectedly, his version was terribly wrong but authentically South African that his fans could not suppress their laughter.

Here is his version of the Ryanair questionnaire:

  • What’s a poephol?
  • How long should you leave a rusk in coffee?
  • What is another word for a box?
  • What would you call a homeless person on Table Mountain?
  • How long do you still have after a robot turns red?
  • What education level do you need to be a political candidate in SA?
  • Explain the difference between a braai and a barbecue.
  • How many people can you fit into a commuter taxi?
  • Is boerewors a sausage or part of a Boer?
  • What is another name for a cat?
  • How is travel distance measured in SA?
  • Complete the sentence: I gave him a ….. klap.
  • Is a bunny chow a vegetable?
  • Is Tik the first sound a clock makes?

Read Barry’s full twist here.

What does Mzansi think?

Many of his supporters loved his version and even started adding questions they found fitting. One Facebooker, Arnold’s Geerts offered:

“I would perhaps also throw in: “Is load shedding a quick trip to the loo?”

Dominique Triciria commented:

“This would make more sense than the current questionnaire :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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