Take a look at five things that could happen on the ‘RHOD’ reunion. Image via Twitter @Showmax

‘RHOD’ viewers: ‘All the wives kiss Sorisha’s a** because of her wealth’

‘She is the grootman of RHOD’: Viewers of the reality TV show say that all the ladies suck up to Sorisha because she’s wealthy.


Take a look at five things that could happen on the ‘RHOD’ reunion. Image via Twitter @Showmax

The Real Housewives of Durban is going down quite well with viewers who frequently take the chance to share their thoughts on the stars of the show. One of the latest observations made by viewers is that some of the show’s “housewives” only like one of the ladies, Sorisha Naidoo because she is much wealthier than they are.

Many viewers have said that the women on the show “worship” Sorisha.

Real Housewives of Durban’ viewers say ladies “worship” Sorisha because she’s wealthy

The last month or so has been very exciting for Real Housewives of Durban fans after the second season kicked off with a lot of excitement and drama.

The last few episodes have seen a lot of “beef” between some of the housewives such as Nonkanyiso “LaConco” and newcomer Thobile “MaKhumalo”.

Annie has also had her fair share of fights with Nonku who appears to be getting on another newcomer, Jojo Robinson’s bad side.

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In the latest episode, Londie London invites all the ladies to a getaway in the safari and ends up causing quite a bit of trouble after Sorisha flew some of the ladies while the rest got stuck taking a long drive.

This didn’t sit well with the ladies who felt like Sorisha should have made a plan for all of them.

Meanwhile, viewers have made their own observations about what transpired with many of them concluding that Sorisha’s money has made her very popular amongst the ladies.

Some of their comments:

@Miss_N_Kani said:

“Makhumalo was given 1 instruction: be friends with Sorisha and be loyal to her. Nothing else matters.”

@karabom969 commented:

“It seems like, all the wives kiss Sorisha’s ass because of her wealth. Sorisha’nice person facade isn’t her. Every time Musa and Thobile are on screen, their storyline revolves around Sorisha; it makes me wonder about their intentions to associate with her and her hubby.”

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