Slee, Jojo and Calven Robinson

Slee’s comments to Jojo’s husband, Calven Robinson, caused a lot of drama on ‘RHOD ‘. Images via Instagram: @slee_thebosslady, @mrs.jojo.robinson

‘RHOD’: Is ‘single’ Slee after Jojo’s husband Calven Robinson?

Jojo Robinson and Slee Ndlovu butted heads again on #RHODurban when Slee was interrogated about her comments to Calven.

Slee, Jojo and Calven Robinson

Slee’s comments to Jojo’s husband, Calven Robinson, caused a lot of drama on ‘RHOD ‘. Images via Instagram: @slee_thebosslady, @mrs.jojo.robinson

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) stars Jojo Robinson and Slindile “Slee” Wendy Ndlovu started off on the wrong foot when they met at Nonku Williams’ house in the first episode of the Showmax reality series.

While both parties have not blatantly come out to tell each other why there is so much animosity between them — except for Slee calling Jojo classist — the drama is building up.

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In the second episode of RHOD, Jojo confronted Slee about a comment she supposedly made to her husband on the evening they met for the first time at Nonku’s house.

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Jojo is married to Durban tycoon and fitness enthusiast Calven Robinson.

According to Calven, he and Slee got acquainted whilst he was getting snacks at Nonku’s house. However, Slee allegedly told him that she is single and he should “hook her up” with one of his rich friends.

“I hadn’t met Slee. I greeted her and she greeted me and Nonku came over. And I said ‘oh, hi Nonku’ and then Slee turned around and said ‘oh, I just told Calven that I’m single and that he’s gonna organise me a nice rich man’,” the multi-millionaire recalled during his confessional.

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Calven, who was also narrating the story to his wife, added that Slee said he would be taking her for a tattoo.

He further said that Nonku assumed Calven would be introducing Slee to their tattoo artist. However, Jojo seems to think that Slee wanted to go and get a tattoo alone with Calven.

Calven and Jojo Robinson. Image via Instagram: @mrs.jojo.robinson

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When Jojo and Slee met at Sorisha Naidoi’s spa launch, drama ensued.

Jojo did not mince her words as she confronted Slee about her chat with Calven.

“Why did you feel the need to go to my husband behind my back, when you were standing on the side, and mention how single you are, and maybe he can find you a rich man like him? And maybe he can take you for a tattoo,” Jojo asked Slee.

The mom-of-two denied the accusations, telling Jojo to call her husband so they could put the issue to bed. However, Jojo told her that Nonku was present and she, too, heard her make those comments.

Nonku, who did not want to get involved, eventually addressed the issue as she corroborated Calven’s story. But Slee was still denying the accusations.

With the two talking over each other, and Nonku attempting to mediate, a livid Jojo stood up and pointed her finger at Slee as she continued to lash out at her.

The argument ended in an upset Slee leaving the event early. When Sorisha — who was not present when the fight took place — called Slee to check up on her, the RHOD newbie was in tears. She told Sorisha that she left because she did not want to end up “throwing hands”.