Nonku Williams

Nonku Williams addressed her haters on her relationship with her “gangster man”. Image via Instagram @nonku_williams

‘RHOD’: Nonku introduces her man ‘Rough Diamond’ to her family

#RHODurban star Nonku and her man Dumisani ‘Rough Diamond’ Ndlanzi decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Nonku Williams

Nonku Williams addressed her haters on her relationship with her “gangster man”. Image via Instagram @nonku_williams

Businesswoman Nonku Williams is smitten with her new man Dumisani Ndlazi — whom she affectionately calls Rough Diamond.

In the fifth episode on Wednesday, 1 March, the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star decided to take her relationship with Dumisani to the next level by introducing him to her family over dinner. This is despite her co-stars Mbali Ngiba and Slee Ndlovu’s advice to hold off on the introductions because her relationship is only a month old.

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Dumisani, who has a 15-year-old daughter named Zanele, arrived to a table full of people who were eager and anxious to meet him. These include Nonku’s mother; Niniza “The Queen” Ngcobo, the reality TV star’s three children, and her friend; Paula.

Once the introductions were out of the way, Paula jumped right in with an important question about Dumisani’s occupation — to which he referred to himself as “a hustler”.

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When asked what he means by that, he first said he makes ends meet before eventually revealing that he is in construction.

An excited Mam’ Queen then made mention of Dumisani’s “beast” which was parked outside. Rough Diamond drives a Volkswagen Amarok.

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Humbled by the compliments, he told Nonku’s mum that he will get her a car of her own. One that is bigger and better because she gave birth to his partner (Nonku).

Nonku Williams
Nonku Williams’ and her man Dumisani Ndlazi. Image via @nonku_williams/Instagram


Dumisani, who seemed comfortable talking about his life with his in-laws, revealed that he plans on marrying Nonku.

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However, when the kids were asked about how they feel having met their new mom and dad, Nothile described it as “weird”. Nothile is Nonku’s first child whom she shares with the late gospel singer Sifiso Ncwane.

“It feels weird a bit because this is the first person you’ve brought home,” she told her mother.

On the other, Dumisani’s daughter (who also said the experience was weird), told Nonku that she hopes she will be the last woman her dad introduces her to. The whole table was taken aback by Zanele’s statement because it means Dumisani has introduced many women to her.