Annie Mthembu

Annie Mthembu’ is popularly known for starring on Real Housewives of Durban. Image via Instagram @mrsannbition

RHOD Annie Mthembu ready for the season’s reunion as the drama escalates

Annie Mthembu is ready to address the ladies and the mess brought on this season.

Annie Mthembu

Annie Mthembu’ is popularly known for starring on Real Housewives of Durban. Image via Instagram @mrsannbition

It can be said that Annie and the ladies brought it this season of The Real Housewives of Durban. It has been drama galore with the new ladies not holding anything back when it came to packing the punches.

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Hurricane Sane on RHOD

One of the biggest pot stirrers on the show Annie Mthembu has stated her that she is ready for the reunion in order to address the ladies, most especially Nonku Williams with whom she has had the biggest drama over the past three seasons of the show.

This season was no different with the addition of Sane who has been causing trouble for the ladies since her first appearance on the show. Sane who was initially billed as a ‘friend of the housewives’ has been earning her screentime by bringing the heat.

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The ladies have not been holding back this season. Images: Supplied.

She clashed with Annie when she made certain accusations against Annie stating that she ‘slept her way to the top’. This was then brought to Annie and then Sane denied the entire statement and brought it all on Jojo and stated that Jojo made the comment.

This led to Nonku having to defend her enemy – turned – bestie Jojo against Sane. Annie in true Housewives style confronted Nonku and they went at it whilst Sane watched happily with the other ladies as it all unfolded.

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Annie according to Zalebs made the following comment to address the rumours and the shade thrown by the ladies;

“So these huns can only say things behind your back, never to your face. I hope as reunion they can repeat to my face what they said about me chile. They must not stutter,”

The history of the feud between Annie & Nonku

The feud between the two started on the very first season when comments that were made about each other were brought to light by their co-stars . This technique of bringing the drama on the show was followed into the past two seasons where on certain occasions family members (mother and husband) were also brought into the drama.

We as the viewers of the show are very much looking forward to the rest of the season and the reunion where not only shady comments will be thrown.

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