prokid hip-hop rapper

The late South African rapper and hip-hop artist ProKid who passed away in 2018. Image via Instagram

US filmmakers set to recount the kasi life story of iconic SA rapper ProKid

ProKid’s rise to fame has been told in a two-part documentary series, ‘Dankie San – The Kasie Rap Bible’, and now American filmmakers will uncover more in an upcoming film.

prokid hip-hop rapper

The late South African rapper and hip-hop artist ProKid who passed away in 2018. Image via Instagram

Academy Award-winning costume designer and Ruth E Carter is trying her hand at producing and her first project will hip-hop film  African/American that looks at the real life story of the late iconic South African rapper ProKid and Sydney Hall, aka Syd Money. 

According to Black Film and TV, the film will be set in post-apartheid South Africa and also have a focus on the rise of hip-hop in South Africa. 

Linda “ProKid” Mkhize, who tragically passed away in 2018 from a seizure attack at the age of 37, is considered one of the pioneers of South African hip-hop with hits such as Ghetto Science and Uthini Ngo Pro. 

Listen to ProKid’s ‘Ghetto Science’ here


Black Film and TV reported that Grammy-nominated Chicago-based rapper Vic Mensa will play the role of Syd Money while there are talks that Blood & Water actor Thabang Moloba will assume the role of the late ProKid. 

Vic Mensa has appeared on the small screen before in star writer Lena Waithe’s fourth season of The Chi where he made his acting debut. Mensa expressed excitement about the upcoming project on his Instagram, confirming the news that he will star in the film. 


African/American has a number of passionate filmmakers behind the film project, including Jamie Burton-Oare, Skye Dennis, Rashidi Hendrix and Larne Idewu. 

“African/American is one of the first projects of many more to come aimed at creating true collaboration across the continents for the purpose of bridging the African diaspora. Its coming… You can feel it in the air. It’s not just a movie, it’s a movement” Lanre Idewu

Lanre Idewu


ProKid has become one of South Africa’s most memorable rappers and rose to legendary status. The Sowetan hitmaker released six albums, with his Heads and Tales debut album still being recognised as one of the biggest in kasi hip-hop. Syd Money planned a massive role in the making of Heads & Tales bringing together some of our country’s top producers for it. 

Before his death in August 2018, ProKid collaborated with a number of top acts in South Africa, including Zuluboy, Zakwe, AKA, Khuli Chana and Ma-E.

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