nota baloyi female celebs

Nota Baloyi shares his thoughts on SA celebs. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

‘Hungry for fame’: ‘Podcast and Chill’s’ MacG and Sol SLAM Nota Baloyi

Famous podcasters MacG and Sol Phenduka say that Nota Baloyi is ‘hungry for fame’ following his many bizarre comments this week.

nota baloyi female celebs

Nota Baloyi shares his thoughts on SA celebs. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

Nota Baloyi has been getting dragged left right and centre on social media over the last few weeks. The entertainment manager turned Twitter activist has shared a number of controversial opinions over South Africa’s trending topics and let’s just say not all of them – if any at all – were welcome by social media users who are seemingly growing weary of his constant attempts to grab attention and ruffle feathers.

The latest people to call Nota out are Podcast and Chill hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka.

MacG and Sol dig into ‘attention hungry’ Nota Baloyi

Last week, Nota Baloyi was slammed over his comments about beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase.

The controversial manager once again found himself at the receiving end of backlash after saying that he did not believe that Sithelo Shozi was abused by her former boyfriend and children’s father Andile Mpisane.

His comments were severely criticised by a number of social media users and now Podcast and Chill host’s Sol Phenduka and MacG have weighed in.

“I think we have Podcast and Chill to blame for what Nota has become. You see the thing called fame is a drug. Here you have a guy, Nota, who’s made people famous before but has never had the taste of fame. So he comes on this platform, you know what happens when you come to this platform, literally overnight you are a sensation,” said Mac G.

Sol then went on to say that people are only speaking to Nota so that he can get them, listeners, by saying outrageous things.

“The podcasts you are going on, they don’t think you are amazing, they just want the numbers. They want you to say some crazy shit like a woman can just get killed and whatever, for them to get the numbers, they are not down with you”.

Not taking anything laying down

Of course, Nota did not let the comments slide and quickly shared this response with the famous podcaster.

“Sol’d Out Phenduka needs to be woken up on time for all his jobs from Monday to Saturday and the money-hungry greedy Judas then needs to make himself feel better by always sh*tting on me on a podcast meanwhile Dineo Ranaka calls him names and fat shames him on air. I forgive him,” he tweeted.

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