Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi gets dragged on Twitter. Image via Twitter @PearlThusi

Defiant Pearl Thusi ‘loves’ the haters who help her bag more

Pearl thusi got into a heated conversation on gender equality and later addressed her haters saying they help her make more money.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi gets dragged on Twitter. Image via Twitter @PearlThusi

Sithembile Xola Pearl Thusi, popularly known as Pearl Thusi, recently kick-started a conversation on gender equality for which she has received a fair amount of backlash in the Twitter streets.

Her response to Tweeps dragging her on Twitter? “The fact that I can rile you up and get your attention REPEATEDLY…That’s worth ????.”


The Queen Sono actress is of the opinion that South Africa is not all about gender equality as she expressed that females get the raw end of the deal. This sparked a conversation on gender equality which led to the star posing the question:

“If quality meant women remove all expectations (financially) on men… would you support it?” she asked in a Tweet.

“Assuming wages and job opportunities become equal,” she added.

Here is the response Thusi got from Twitter:

The question followed her frustration that men can get away with what women cannot.

After a Tweep responded to this, Thusi quickly clapped back.


Following her strong opinion on gender equality in South Africa, the Quantico star found herself on the receiving end of the hate game. Thusi addressed the hate head on, saying that the hate she has received throughout her career has brought her more work and subsequently more money.

She explains that the engagement, the fact that the “haters” care, their time and data translates to money.

In a thread,

She thereafter called out her haters saying that they have a love-hate relationship with her and that they are emotionally invested in her.

She then thanked her haters for allowing her to live rent-free in their minds which helps her feed her kids. Without a flinch she called out all the “broke guys” saying she wishes them all good wages to come back and talk about or with her.

She ended by thanking her genuine fans.

She concluded the hate talk by saying,

“I’d still choose being the most hated than the live with my truth faded. Will never walk around face painted In hopes of never being out dated!” in a tweet.


Continuing to secure the bag, Thusi announced on 13 January that she was leaving South Africa for “a really exciting project” strategically leaving out the finer details.

However, she recently let it slip that she is currently filming in Thailand in one of her tweets.

She also joked about the mosquitoes in Thailand as she compared them to South African mosquitos.