Nu Metro

Trolls World Tour / YouTube

Nu Metro announces movie premieres to be screened soon

Here are the Nu Metro movies that we can’t wait to see.

Nu Metro

Trolls World Tour / YouTube

Since the national lockdown announcement, the Nu Metro franchise, as well as other movie houses and other places of entertainment, have been closed. The final screening at a Nu Metro cinema was on 23 March this year.

The amended level 3 regulations have now made it possible for places of interest, such as cinemas, to reopen to the public. This is as long as strict health protocols and safety measures are adhered to.

Films to look forward to from Nu Metro

Fan favourites that will be screened at Nu Metro as soon as cinemas open


This live-action film was initially set for release to the South African audience on 27 March.

The film is an adaptation to the 1998 Disney story of a daughter’s act of selflessness to restore honour to her family and earn the respect of her nation. Beloved character’s Yao, Lind and Chien Po make an appearance and this time round, Mulan will face two new villains.

Watch the Mulan trailer

Trolls World Tour at Nu Metro cinemas

The animated movie, Trolls World Tour, is a sequel to the 2016 family friendly movie, Trolls.

The A-lister cast includes the likes of Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Mary J Blige to name a few. Follow the trolls’ adventures as they embark on a mission to unite the six different troll tribes and save their diverse melodies from becoming extinct.

The trolls are back


A statement on Nu Metro’s Facebook page reads: “Please note that films’ release dates are currently tentatively scheduled and subject to change, while cinemas remain closed (pending governmental directives).”

We have also received word that Nu Metro cinemas remain closed for now and the reopening date for cinemas still needs to be confirmed. All bookings for shows are therefore also still closed and all films’ release dates are subject to change.

In the meantime, cinephiles can enjoy trailers of the upcoming movies in the comfort of their home.