Netflix top 5

Netflix top 5

Curl up and binge-watch the Netflix top five in South Africa today

Netflix and chill has never sounded so good. Wouldn’t it be great to snuggle down, watch TV and only get up next week? We’ve got you covered…

Netflix top 5

Netflix top 5

South Africa is experiencing some harsh winter weather right now, so wouldn’t it be great to just lie under a blanket with the remote and some popcorn?

If you are familiar with Netflix, you know that it displays a “Top 10 in South Africa today”. This allows the viewer to see what’s trending in their own country. This also helps you to see anything that you might have missed on the streaming site.

If you want to know the top five shows in South Africa today, continue reading because Netflix has some great shows, docs and movies that will be sure to keep you entertained.


The Old Guard Charlize Theron Netflix

South Africa’s very own Charlize Theron stars in and produced this film, which was released on Friday.

This film centres around a group of immortals who have the ability to heal themselves. However, just as they discover a new immortal, their secret soon becomes threatened and they are forced to fight for their freedom. According to Forbes, the film is set to be followed by a sequel.


down to earth Zac Efron Netflix

It is not clear if this docuseries is number two in South Africa because it is that good or because it stars well-known actor Zac Efron.

Down to Earth is a travel show that explores healthy and sustainable ways to live. This show allows you to see the world, with Efron visiting Iceland, France and Costa Rica in just the first three episodes.

Efron, accompanied by wellness expert Darin Olien, explores the country’s efforts from Iceland’s renewable energy efforts and London’s pollution reduction efforts. The actor also does some interesting things like milking a goat and climbing a tree in the Amazon rain forest.


Warrior Nun Netflix

With 10 episodes, this Netflix series is sure to keep you busy even just for a day.

The series centres around an orphaned teen who discovers she possesses superpowers after waking up in a morgue.

She soon learns that she is the chosen halo bearer for a secret group of nuns who hunt demons. The series stars Portuguese actress Alba Batista and delves into a battle between good and evil.


Desperados Netflix

If you are in the mood for a laugh, then Desperados is the perfect movie to watch.

This romantic comedy is about a hopeless romantic who finally finds the man of her dreams. When he does not reply to her texts after their date, she drunkenly sends him an embarrassing e-mail.

When discovering that he did not, in fact, ghost her, she travels with her best friends to Mexico to try and erase the email before the man can read it. Starring the hilarious Nasim Pedrad, Ana Camp and Lamorne Morris, you will not want to miss out on this movie.


From No 4, this one takes a bit of a turn. The producers of Netflix series Stranger Things made Unsolved Mysteries so you are sure to see some strange things. It is a true-crime documentary about disappearances, murders and paranormal encounters that just cannot be explained or solved.

This docuseries may leave you confused and questioning the events that occur. Occasionally, you get frustrated when watching the series, but it slowly turns into curiosity.

The top five feature is useful. This week’s picks range from a true-crime documentary to a romantic comedy, so are likely to suit most viewers. So, go on and climb into that cosy bed or couch and take your pick. That’s if you remembered to pay your Netflix account, of course!