The Kiffness

The Kiffness’s collaboration with a Turkish street musician has fans around the globe. Image: Supplied

#MusicExchange: Rapid-fire Q&A with SA’s coolest oddball The Kiffness

The South African catches up with the meme-making dreamer, real name David Scott, whose enthusiasm for music is infectious.

The Kiffness

The Kiffness’s collaboration with a Turkish street musician has fans around the globe. Image: Supplied

The Kiffness’s recent collaboration with Turkish street drummer Bilal Göregen on Finnish the folk song Ievan Polkka went viral — and Scott has a kiff story as to how this remix came about.

Bilal’s performance of Ievan Polkka first appeared on the Internet in 2018. When Scott first saw the video, he thought it was incredibly catchy and would be a fun song to remix, so he did a short live looping remix and put it up on the Internet.

“The response was great and many people seemed to want an official release, so I DM’d my remix to Bilal on Instagram and asked him if he’d be keen to collab,” Scott said. 

Street drummer Bilal Göregen embraces the idea

To his surprise, Göregen said he liked the rendition and that the two should do a full edit. Scott was in Joburg at the time, so he got his bandmate Raiven to record some sax and send it to him. 

“Jane from Veranda Panda also recorded some violin and sent it to me from Durban. I had planned an interview with Peach van Pletzen during my time in Joburg, so we killed two birds with one stone and went to his studio to record my vocals and trumpet,” Scott said.

“Peach is also an excellent sound engineer, so I roped him into mixing and mastering the song. He nailed it!

“With the song done, I needed a music video and green screen seemed to be the best way forward, considering there was space on the bench next to Bilal. I don’t have a green screen, so I reached out to some friends who could maybe help. 

The Kiffness ropes his wife in as backup dancer

“During lockdown I made contact with Dan Mace and so I reached out to him. Unfortunately he was away, but Dan’s producer, Jess Raine, got back to me and was the most legendary person to work with. She convinced surf videographer Paul Daniel to be our DOP [director of photography], and gaffer Tobie Smuts to help us with the green screen and lights.

“I roped my wife into being the backup dancer, and I’m so glad she did, because it’s the magic sauce that ties the whole video together.” 

With great footage, the only thing left to do was the edit: “Luckily there were some kiff film students around, William Annesley and Ethan Lundy, who were willing to help out. They helped key out the green, did a grade and made the footage look lekker. With a bit of tweaking and editing, the video was ready.” 

The Kiffness gets love from the people of Turkey

“The response has been nothing short of amazing and I’m just blown away by the love we’re receiving from the people of Turkey,” Scott said. “I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey, but this whole experience has just made me want to visit even more, because I really want to meet Bilal.

“Without Jess or Dan Mace, the video wouldn’t have been possible, so I’m really just so thankful. This video has shown me once again that the Internet can be a wonderful place.” 

Listen to The Kiffness’s ‘Ieven Polkka’ collab here:

The video has had more than 10 million views on Facebook and more than 2.5 million views on YouTube. You can watch, stream or buy it here.

The South African catches up with The Kiffness

The Kiffness
The 2020s are all about ‘big hadeda energy’ for David Scott. Image: Supplied

The new decade means?

Big hadeda energy.

Fame is about?

Working your whole life to get recognised. And then when you do get recognised, it’s about wearing a hat and sunglasses so that you don’t get recognised. But on a serious note, it’s about using the influence I have to make a difference in other people’s lives. 

Retirement will happen when?

Samro [the Southern African Music Rights Organisation] decides to pay my royalties.

I don’t do?


What does music mean to you?

 Music is a way of bringing my memes to life.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?

 Making memes. Getting streams. Living my dreams.

Any funny moments on stage?

At #HuaweiJoburgDay in 2020 I said: “Waddup Huawei K daaaa… I mean #HuaweiJoburgDay.” It was also live on radio. Awkies.

Your heroes?

Salvatore Ganacci [the Swedish DJ and record producer].

Which living person do you admire most and why?

My mom. She’s put up with me for 32 years. 

What is your most treasured possession?

My wife. Although it is 2021 and I feel like calling my wife a possession is maybe not very progressive.

Dave Scott The Kiffness
The Kiffness in his favourite floral suit. Image: Supplied

It’s your round: What are you drinking?

Water (I’m a cheapskate).

Dream gig to do?

The one where people enjoy themselves. 

What makes you stand out?

I make memes and I have an all-floral suit. 



If you were not a musician what would you do?

 I’d be a professional meme maker. I’m still trying to figure out how to make money from that though. 

Pick five words to describe yourself?

100% kiff and 0% miff. 

Watch The Kiffness perform ‘Wiggle A Bit’ with Nathan Ro:

Favourite SA albums?

Goldfish — Perceptions of Pacha

Beatenberg — Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg

Freshlyground — Nomvula

Greatest movie ever made?

 The Lion King.

What song changed your life?

 Crispy Carrots by Mr Chinwag (Kideo, 1993).

Who do you love?

 My wife. 

What is your favourite word?


Favourite fashion item?


Listen to The Kiffness’s take on ‘Sugarman’ with Mathew Gold here:

Give us some real, proper slang and what it means

 Kiff. It means “ya no lekka”.

Top of your bucket list?

 To crowd surf.

Your greatest achievement?

Winning an argument with my wife. Jokes, that’s never happened.

What do you complain about most often?


What is your fear?

 Being miff. 

Happiness is?

Not having what you want, but wanting what you have. 

On stage I tend to?

 Head-bang excessively.

The best life lesson you have been taught?

 There’s never a point at which you’ve “made it”.

Do you get worked up while watching a sports game on TV?

 If it’s World Cup rugby, yes. 

Where would you like to be right now?

 Right here, right now. 

Do you do charity work? If yes, what do you do?

 I make memes for free. 

Wishes and dreams?

 To get lank streams and make kiff memes. 

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