Musa Mseleku

Musa Mseleku has angered viewers. Image via Twitter: @MusaMseleku_

Musa Mseleku angers viewers in latest episode of ‘uThando Nes’thembu’

‘Selfish man’: Musa Mseleku shocked SA when he revealed he has a girlfriend. Many believe he’s using his 4th wive’s infertility to take another wife.

Musa Mseleku

Musa Mseleku has angered viewers. Image via Twitter: @MusaMseleku_

Musa Mseleku has gotten on the bad side of South Africans after he dropped a bombshell on Thursday night’s episode of uThando Nes’thembu. According to the controversial polygamist, he has a girlfriend and who may become his fifth wife. Many find that he is using his fourth wife MaKhumalo’s fertility issues as an excuse to get another wife.

Polygamist Musa Mseleku makes a shocking revelation on ‘uThando Nes’thembu’

For a long time now, South Africans have been poking holes in polygamist Musa Mseleku’s character. He just gave them even more reason to dislike him after he made another shocking revelation.

On 11 November, Musa revealed that he has a girlfriend who he may be taking on as his fifth wife. This upset many viewers who believed he was using his last wife Thobile “MaKhumalo”s Mseleku’s inability to have children as an excuse to take another wife.

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Musa earlier revealed that he wanted many wives so that he could have many children who will help him expand his empire, Zalebs reports.

What shocked even more viewers is the fact that the new girlfriend has the same surname as MaKhumalo promoting a lot of speculation around whether or not the two could be related. Some even wondered whether or not it was MaKhumalo’s sister.

The people are disgusted:

@Khumo_Badbadu said:

“So instead of IVF Musa decided to find another Khumalo??? He doesn’t want a baby, he needed an excuse to marry number 5 who is also a Khumalo! #Uthandonesthembu.”

@Th3_kisO said:

“Bab’Mseleku is a selfish man. They could literally just get a surrogate for MaKhumalo to carry twins and the lady would be the happiest woman. #Uthandonesthembu”

@awandesithole04 said:

“So there’s a lady out there who is dating Musa Mseleku knowing very well that he has 4 wives..soyiki.”

Following in his father’s footsteps

The explosive episode also revealed that Musa and MaYeni’s 18-year-old Nompumelelo had a daughter with an ex-girlfriend and is now seeing someone else.

Tweeps quickly shared their thoughts on the matter and said that he was “following” in his father’s footsteps, The Citizen reports.

@tshepy_chazen said:

“They never told us that Mpumelelo has a child mare taba tsa Sne??? Frontpage #Uthandonesthembu”

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